NTV Scribe Mbidde’s Wife Kyewalabye Succumbs To Breast Cancer

NTV Scribe Mbidde’s Wife Kyewalabye Succumbs To Breast Cancer

By Mable Nakibuuka

City journalist Stephanie Mbidde, who works with NTV and K-FM, is mourning the loss of his wife Shanitah Kyewalabye, who passed away on Sunday.

According to family members, Kyewalabye, who was a mother of one, succumbed to a long time battle with  breast cancer, which she unfortunately lost.


Kyewalabye and Mbidde got officially hitched up after they held a massive introduction ceremony in 2018, but last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer as she breastfed their first born.

Stephanie Mbidde and Shanitah Kyewalabye during their happy moments

It is said that in the course of breastfeeding her son, Kyewalabye discovered a lump in her right breast. She thought it was clogged milk that would go away with time.

She thereafter went for an ultrasound scan which showed everything was fine. Since it was painful, she was given painkillers and told to go home and rest

Given her age and the fact that she was unaware of any family history of cancer, the breastfeeding mother was confident that it was not cancer.

She however went for  a biopsy that showed otherwise. The revelation a week later was that she had breast cancer. This came as a shock to both Kyewalabye and her husband, although he supported her throughout her times of affliction until when she breathed her last.


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