NTV Star Lynda Ddane Gets Wild ‘n’ Dirty During Lockdown

NTV Star Lynda Ddane Gets Wild ‘n’ Dirty During Lockdown

By Ivan Mwine

Sexy TV star Lynda Uwamahoro aka Lynda Ddane seems to be on a mission to cause widespread scrotal eruptions during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Lynda, who is also a host on NTV, is spending most of her  time nowadays lounging at the poolside in Munyonyo or other top city hangouts where she is enjoying life without fear or favour to anyone.

Bubbly Lynda Ddane getting wet n wild

As if to show other Ugandans that while they reeling from the lockdown stress for her she is enjoying life, Lynda shared a series of her latest bikini shots, which have since set the internet on fire.

Clad on a sunny flowered  two piece bikini, Lynda,  is seen getting wet and wild as she plays around in the swimming pool, flaunting her very juicy, well-placed  curves and tempting booty.

Lynda’s latest snaps have  since gone viral on social media with several dudes  heaping likes on them while others are downloading them for private drooling sessions.

Gorgeous Lynda Ddane flaunts her curves

Hey guys, it should be noted that much as she is a sex-oozing belle, Lynda is so single and ready to hook up because she is not known to be dating any man currently.

Lynda Ddane is Young, fresh and Free!

Actually, the only guy she is known to have been involved with for a long time  was UBC presenter Calvin D Entertainer, although that was several years back, meaning she is up for grabs.

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