NTV Star Nakazibwe Becomes Official Stepmom For Bruno K’s Kid

NTV Star Nakazibwe Becomes Official Stepmom For Bruno K’s Kid

By Ivan Mwine

It is no longer rumour that NTV star news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe,  is now the defacto official stepmother for singer Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K’s daughter Briella Kiggundu.

We revealed on this website how Bruno K had decided to take his daughter to Nakazibwe’s crib in Kiira Division, such that  she could stay with her daughters during the holidays as he worked on his music  projects.

NTV Star Faridah Nakazibwe slaying with Bruno K’s daughter Briella

Following the development, many people thought that Bruno K would take back Briella when Nakazibwe’s daughters returned to school.

However, our Moles reveal that Nakazibwe and Bruno have since agreed to raise Briella as their daughter and the   NTV star has assumed all roles of a stepmother.

Word from the Moles is that whenever Nakazibwe is going to work she leaves Briella in the hands of a maid who nurses her until she returns home to take over.

Having raised her own two daughters before, Moles intimate that Nakazibwe is not new to things like changing diapers and washing of feeding kids so she’s not finding any problems with Briella, reason why Bruno K has enough time to attend to his music projects.

Nakazibwe with Briella at her crib

Neighbours reveal that during weekends when Nakazibwe is not the Serena Hotel based TV station, she takes off time to hangout and go slaying with Briella, whereby they go eat ice-cream, chicken and drink soda and juice before returning home, like most happy mothers do for their kids.

However, it is not clear whether Bruno plans to move in officially with Nakazibwe but what Moles say is that he often drops in at her crib to check on Briella.

It should be noted that Bruno K took over custody of Briella following the demise of her mother Rachael Akankunda last year, although by then they had already split and living apart.


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