NTV Star Tina Teise Tempts Men As She Flaunts Booty

NTV Star Tina Teise Tempts Men As She Flaunts Booty

By Mable Nakibuuka

If there is any babe who is well-endowed with a mega Pum-pum then it is NTV star Tina Teise, who has since decided to become a seductress.

The slay queen who was since turned into a 24/7 party animal recently sent tongues wagging and temperatures in men’s boxers racing after she shared very tantalizing  snapshots on her Instagram wall.

Tina Teise flaunts her booty

In one of the snaps, Tina, who is lying in a bathtub clad on a white costume, is seen parading a bulging Sumbie, which looks so delicious that it has left many of her male followers reeling in dirty day dreams and fantasies.

Sexy Tina Teise looking so chic

In other snaps she is spotting a two-piece blue bikini, chilling at the poolside,  looking like she is ready to enjoy life without any apologies.

Despite not having any known job apart from her TV slot,  Tina has since turned herself into a certified slay queen cum party animal, although the Blesser or Investor injecting the dime she  splashes is yet to be identified.


Tantalizing Tina Teise spotting a Vietnamese hat


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