NTV Star Tinah Teise Parties Up A Storm In Ibiza With Her Booze Brigade

NTV Star Tinah Teise Parties Up A Storm In Ibiza With Her Booze Brigade

By Ivan Mwine

If there is any Ugandan TV star who is good at chopping money then it is NTV’s Kyomujuni Christine popularly known as Tinah Teise.

Moles reveal that Tinah Teise, who hosts the Log-In show on NTV, flew to Ibiza, Spain, a few days ago and while there, she is partying without fear or favour for anyone.

Gorgeous TV star Tina Teise enjoying life in Ibiza

According to Moles, Tinah Teise went to Ibiza, a global party destination, for a short holiday and to attend the bachelorette party for her close pal who goes by the moniker Asha Unlimited.

Tinah Teise is making the best of her time out of this short in Spain, although it is not yet clear who is footing the bills, because of course it is not her bosses at NTV.

Bride to be: Tinah Teise’s close pal Asha Unlimited playing in the sand

We are also told that Tinah traveled  to Ibiza with a group of babes in her booze brigade and together they are literary causing havoc at beaches in Ibiza by merrymaking 24/7.

Tinah Teise and her booze brigade which comprises among others Mr. Bainomugisha and Gloria Namulindwa aka Glosh-Lindwa have over time dedicated their lives to partying and enjoying a good life.

Tinah Teise having fun at a beach in Ibiza

In the recent years they have traveled to Dubai, Hawaii, the Seychelles Island, Zanzibar and other world holiday destinations to do nothing else but enjoy merrymaking.



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