NTV’s Nakazibwe Ballooned: Bootylicious TV Star Carrying Twins

NTV’s Nakazibwe Ballooned: Bootylicious TV Star Carrying Twins

By Ivan Mwine

Good things are happening to media personality Faridah Nakazibwe, the bootylicious NTV news anchor and host of the Mwasuze Mutya programme.

We revealed on this website how she had gotten involved with a loaded city Haji, who is reportedly pumping a lot of  dime in her lifestyle and ensuring that she doesn’t lack anything.


She confirmed the rumour by posting a picture on Facebook which she captioned ;”Hajjat Wa Haji’, loosely translated to mean that she is ‘Haji’s Hajat.’

Faridah Nazibwe parades her bulging belly after she confirms belonging to Haji

Well, the latest info coming in from our Moles is that Nakazibwe  has since conceded to a live penalty, courtesy of her new catch and as you read this, she is already prepping up for motherly duties.

Moles reveal that Nakazibwe has intimated to a few close pals about how she is pregggie and that if her counting is right, it is about four months now. As if that’s not enough, her appetite for raw mangoes and craving for other niceties has since sharpened, on top of her being somewhat moody nowadays.

Nakazibwe with ex-hubby Dr Omar Ssali

However, as a way of avoiding media attention and a lot of questions from prying eyes, Nakazibwe has since decided to keep the baby daddy a top secret, until the right time for him to be known comes.

 Nakazibwe  is a single mother of two daughters she produced with her former husband engineer Dan Nankunda before they parted ways a few years back.

She was later said to be emotionally involved with city business Hajji  Moses Kigongo of the Mosa Courts Apartments but  whatever was happening between them  hit rocks after his ex-wife Olive Zaitun Kigongo learnt about their rendezvous and became so furious.

Faridah Nakazibwe and Hajji Moses Kigongo in a night club before they parted ways

After realizing that she had put herself in a difficult positon by getting involved with Kigongo, Nakazibwe  sought a way out by ditching him  before she  hooked up with her now former  hubby Dr Omar Ssali.

Nakazibwe and Omar enjoyed themselves behind Kigongo’s back for several months and when he learnt about it, reports indicate that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) stalwart became so furious and as a way of avoiding his fury they decided to hold a secret wedding which they organized in the United Arab Emirates in 2016.

However, a few years down the road, Nakazibwe parted ways with Ssali after she realized that he was not a doctor in the U.A.E as he had claimed and that he was juggling her with other babes in Uganda.

Since then Nakazibwe has been braving cold nights until recently when rumours of the TV star having gotten someone to warm her cold days and bankroll her lifestyle started swirling around town.

Watch this space for updates about Nakazibwe’s love life!


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