‘NUP Rioters Are Tarnishing Bobi Wine’s Image’-Model Kabareebe

‘NUP Rioters Are Tarnishing Bobi Wine’s Image’-Model Kabareebe


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Veteran model Doreen Kabareebe might be known for posing in barely-there costumes and sometimes helping the less privileged through her foundation Kabareebe Models4Charity but this time round she wants you to know that she follows current affairs too.

Sexy Doreen Kabareebe

Recently, while commenting about the aftermath of  the ‘Free Bobi Wine’ riots, the model wondered what type of change some National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters are after if they are encouraging violence against a certain group of people.

Writing about an audio clip that has been  circulating on WhatsApp in which a man who identifies himself as Kirigwajo encourages Bobi Wine supporters to physically attack Banyarwanda wherever they’re found, Kabareebe, who is from Ankole region, wondered if people calling for such mindless behaviour will start with Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie Itungo, who  is said  to be a Munyarwanda Ugandan from Ntugamo District with close relatives in Rwanda.

Clearly irritated by the inflammatory message in the said WhatsApp audio, Kabareebe  went ahead to write that NUP supporters were scaring away the elite class and senior citizens through their actions and use of foul language.

She concluded by mocking youthful NUP supporters as  noise makers on social media who might not even have national identity cards let alone being eligible to vote.

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