NUP’s Bobi Wine Abandons ‘Side-dish’, Tot To Hustle For Survival

NUP’s Bobi Wine Abandons ‘Side-dish’, Tot To Hustle For Survival

By Ivan Mwine

Word coming in from our Moles indicates that National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has since abandoned his alleged side-dish identified as Sheilah Black.

Sheila, who is a Makerere University alumnus, has for a long time been said to be Bobi Wine’s side-dish and she is rumoured to have dropped a tot for the former ghetto magnate a few years back.

However, Moles reveal  that ever since she dropped a tot, Sheila, who used to be a regular visitor  at Bobi Wine’s once popular One Love Beach in Busabala, has spent several years without seeing him and she is said to be hustling in Najjera, a city suburb, trying to make ends meet.

Sheila Black with her lovely daughter who has since grown up

The Moles intimate that Sheila’s efforts to access the man from Magere  became even more fruitless after he joined the political arena,  because nowadays he is very inaccessible  due to the tight security around him.

However, insiders reveal that Bobi Wine was ordered to cut ties with Sheila by his close family members  and political advisers in order to avoid the scandals that would emerge in case his enemies learnt about the alleged affair.

It should be noted that in 2015 Sheila claimed to have had a child with the then Ghetto Gladiator.

Sheila recently told friends that the singer cum politician had promised to start for her a business so that she can look after her child well but nothing has materialized ever since he joined politics, which make her pals fear that he might have abandoned her completely.

However, we are told that Bobi Wine has since denied having had anything to do with Sheila, let alone siring a tot with her.

Sexy Sheila Black (L) with a gorgeous pal

According to sources, he maintains that Sheila is one of the many Ugandans who’ve always wanted to make a name off celebrities like him by cooking up lies.     

Bobi Wine is officially married to his longtime wife Barbra Kyagulanyi aka Barbie and together they have four children together.

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