NUP’s S.G Rubongoya Arrested By Army From  NBS TV  Over People Power Beret

NUP’s S.G Rubongoya Arrested By Army From  NBS TV  Over People Power Beret


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


The National Unity Platform (NUP) Secretary General Lewis Lubogonya  was arrested Thursday night outside the NBS TV parking lot in Kamwokya, after appearing on the TV station’s  popular talk-show the ‘Frontline’.

According to sources, Rubongoya, who was arrested by a joint force of police, army and LDU, was bundled into a vehicle and whisked to Kiira Road police station, where he spent the night.

When asked why he was arrested the youthful Secretary General said; “Not this intimidation, not these arrests can stop an idea whose time has come. They are not telling me why they are arresting me. May be it’s the words I said. And I can repeat them that yes, the people of Uganda are there and are watching and soon, very soon they’ll claim their country…they will take their freedom.”

Lewis Rubongoya’s Police release bond

Later when our reporters asked Rubongoya what exactly he was being charged for he said; “The charge sheet reads possessing military attire. So they arrested me for the beret!”

An hour and a few minutes later he was granted bail after Democratic Party (DP) president general and Frontline panelist Nobert Mao stood surety for him.


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