Old Habits Die Hard: Jaymie Kardash Resumes Slaying After Pilgrimage To Mecca

Old Habits Die Hard: Jaymie Kardash Resumes Slaying After Pilgrimage To Mecca

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan slay queen Jamilah Mbabazi aka Jaymie Kardash has put meaning to the old adage which old habits die hard.

This comes after our Moles keeping a watchful eye on her revealed that she is already back to slaying  a few days after making a pilgrimage to Mecca, a holy place according to Islamic teachings.


Everyone would expect Jaymie to at least tone down on her merrymaking sprees after visiting Mecca.

Jaymie Kardash in Mecca

However, that’s not the case for her; Moles reveal that she is already back her wild partying stints in Dubai, where she is enjoying life without fear or favour to anyone.

Jaymie relocated to Dubai a few a years ago after her hustle in Kampala didn’t yield any fruits.

Sexy Jaymie Kardash back to her slaying after making the pilgrimage to Mecca

Although it is not yet clear what her exact line of business is in Dubai, Jaymie has over the years she has been living a luxurious life, leaving many of her colleagues in Uganda wondering who is bankrolling her lifestyle.

However, before she relocated to Dubai Jaymie was prying her slaying trade in Lagos, Nigeria, although it seems that the sponsors there were not as generous as the  ones in Dubia are.

Jaymie Kardash slaying in Dubai

She made headlines a few weeks back after she was linked to city tycoon Hashim Mulangwa’s circles, although he ended up distancing himself from her.


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