Omukama Oyo In Hot Soup Over Costly Museveni Errands, Bailiffs After Kingdom Properties

Omukama Oyo In Hot Soup Over Costly Museveni Errands, Bailiffs After Kingdom Properties


By Our Reporter

The Omukama of Toro kingdom Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, is in deep trouble over debts he incurred while reportedly executing errands for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the United Arab Emirates.

This website has learnt that city Moneylenders are hunting for Omukama Oyo, to either refund money he borrowed from them or watch as they attach kingdom properties and auction them to recover their monies.

It should be recalled that Omukama Oyo and President Museveni were organizing a World Monarchs’ Summit which was to take place between 7th and  11th September 2020, but was interrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Our Moles reveal that the President, together with Omukama Oyo, issued a joint communiqué confirming the summit, prior to its being called off.

Omukama Oyo with Queen Mother Best Kemigisa in the Middle East

However, a few months ago, shortly after confirming the Summit, the President sent King Oyo and the Queen mother Best Kemigisa to deliver summit invitations to powerful Kings in the Middle East.

When the King of Toro was in the Middle East specifically in Oman, the former King of Oman, sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, passed away and Omukama Oyo represented government, since he was already there to deliver the summit invitation.

However, many Batooros did not like the idea of the King visiting these countries as a representative of the President, since they had wanted him to go as a King, just like how the Basoga had strongly rejected the appointment of their King as an Ambassador, because they regarded this as demeaning of their King.

It is said that in order to fund their trip to the Middle East, King Oyo approached moneylenders for money to cater for travel and accommodation expenses to the Middle East to deliver special messages from the President of Uganda.

The King returned mid-January after successfully delivering  the President’s invitation letters. Upon returning, he reached out to the President who promised to pay the moneylenders the following day although he never did so until to date.

Omukama Oyo and Queen Mother Best Kemigisa in Oman with the Sultan of Oman

The King thought that the President had forgotten and sent his Principal Private Secretary Mr. Jonathan Baguma to meet a one Dr Omona, the PPS to the President to remind the Fountain of Honour about his promise.

After a month and pressure was mounting from the moneylenders, so the King directed his PPS to officially write to the President which copy, this website has seen, reminding him of fulfilling his promise to pay the moneylenders but to date he hasn’t received response.

This has made the King suspicious that the President is taking him for granted and not thankful to the Batooro who have always showered him with votes whenever it is time for voting.

A  Tooro Kingdom official who preferred anonymity said that; “The President meets people like Catherine Kusasira, Bebe Cool, Balaam Barugahara, Full Figure and others of that group but he can’t find time to meet the King. The President also gives his pledges immediately to the above group but he may spend years without fulfilling the Kingdom’s pledges some of which are even minor.”

When this website talked to one of the ministers of Toro kingdom, he said the President had used their King and dumped him and now the King is trying to sell off some of his properties to pay the moneylender yet it was President who sent him to the Middle East deliver his message.

He also said the King had asked for an appointment almost three months back but that the President keeps on dodging him yet he gives audience to people like Full Figure.

He said “The President can tell a whole King that he is busy today and the following day you see in newspapers meeting Sipapa; imagine?”

He also said that as Batooro, they will soon gather and collect money to bail their King out of this problem that the President allegedly landed their King into.

He further said they were also planning to organise a press conference to tell all Batooro what was going on between President and the King of Toro and this is to be done next week in Toro.

However, we have also established that Omukama Oyo cannot come out and expose the anger he has against the President because he is being controlled by the Queen Mother Best Kemigisa, although he is not happy for having been taken for a ride by the President for too long.

It is since he is a peaceful King, the monarch he never openly complained when his Kingdom was under attack and being divided by the Presidency by taking away Bundibugyo and Kasese districts.

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