Operation Shujja: UPDF And FARDC Open New Front Against ADF Rebels

Operation Shujja: UPDF And FARDC Open New Front Against ADF Rebels

By Exposed Uganda

Latest reports from security sources indicate that the joint force of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) and  their Congolese counterpart Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo (FARDC) have opened up a new deadly front against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels.

The forces on Monday reached the Pondwe-Kasindi Border Point where they were welcomed by excited Congolese nationals when they saw the UPDF convoy entering DRC through Lubiriya-Kasindi border point.

FARDC’s Col. Endubu Madawa Danny consults UPDF’s Col. Christopher Columbus Tumwine,

Led by Col. Christopher Columbus Tumwine, the 222 Brigade Commander, the convoy marked the opening up of the second axis for offensive action against Allied Democratic Forces.

At Lubiriya customs post, UPDF were received by Col. Endubu Madawa Danny, the joint operation Shujja Coordinator.

Speaking to the gathering at Lubiriha, Col. Tumwine, expressed gratitude for the warm welcome and urged the people of Congo to maintain the support to the joint forces through reporting ADF locations and disassociating from themselves from anti-peace elements.

 “The days of ADF terrorists are near. I’m advising them to surrender or wait for our wrath. We are going to hunt them from every corner; be it along this road or deep in the villages. We shall do this with our brothers FARDC and you the people of Congo,” said Col. Tumwine.

UPDF Convoy enters DRC through Lubiriya customs post

Meanwhile, Col. Endubu informed the gathering that the second front operation Shujja task is to secure the road construction project as well as fighting ADF remnants in that sector.

“From the meeting of the two Generals at Kasindi hotel, the joint forces agreed to open up this front in order to flush out ADF remnants as well as protect the Kasindi-Beni-Butembo road construction project,” explained Col. Madawa.

It should be recalled that on January 15th, 2022, Maj. Gen. Bombelle Camille Ehola and Maj. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga, while in a meeting at Hotel Kasindi, designed a mechanism of opening the second axis to enable the joint forces continue offensive action against ADF as well as securing the Kasindi-Beni-Butembo road construction; the tasks to be executed concurrently.

Muhammed Wulimwengo, 37, years a resident of Kasindi town, expressed a sigh of relief that the coming of Ugandan forces to join Congo army was a positive gesture for the lasting peace.

“We are tired of running up and down for fear of NALU (ADF). They come abduct or kill people at night. Please we are tired. We want peace,” Wulimwengo said.

Paskal Shalikula, 42, a cultivator at Kalembo village, was excited on seeing UPDF finally coming to Congo territory.

He said his family these days gets only one meal since he abandoned tilling his land because of the scare of rebel attacks.

“Last time I went to harvest my cassava, a neighbor came running telling me NALU are coming. I had to leave even my hoe in the garden. Thank you for coming. We want peace. We are poor and dying of hunger because of ADF,” Shalikula noted.

Jesline Kolongo, 24, appealed to the joint forces to first deploy deep in villages where ADF/NALU are terrorizing people before deploying along Kasindi-Beni road.

Silver Kahindo, 29, noted that since Ugandan soldiers have come to Congo let the border also be opened for the public to freely move to Uganda and collect food from their relatives in Uganda. She was referring to the COVID-19 lock down restricting movement of people across borders.


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