“Opposition members who didn’t vote for me were opportunistic” – FDC’s Ssemujju says after losing Speakership race

“Opposition members who didn’t vote for me were opportunistic” – FDC’s Ssemujju says after losing Speakership race

By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

It is no longer news that Uganda has a new Speaker of Parliament in the name of Jacob Oulanyah. According to the polls from 522 members of the 11th Parliament, Oulanyah got 310 votes, beating his rival, now-former speaker, Rebecca Kadgaa who got 197 votes, and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda getting 15 votes.

The 15 votes Ssemujju got mean that he was not able to get even half of his party’s support because FDC has 32 Members of Parliament in the August House. This also further implies that other opposition and Independent MPs did not vote for him either, and the wild guess is that they rallied behind Kadaga.


This has not sat well with Ssemujju. While speaking to NTV Uganda after the election last night, Ssemujju was asked what he thought about those opposition MPs that abandoned him at this critical time and he simply called them “opportunistic.”

“They were opportunistic that they went for Kadaga who has numbers. You heard even when she was nominated, they were the ones clapping here. Now, that has taught them a lesson,” Ssemujju said.

Ssemujju wondered how these MPs who constantly say they are fighting to remove the National Resistance Movement (NRM) out of power could side with Kadaga, who is an NRM person even though she was not the party’s flagbearer in the race.

“I mean how do you vote the NRM third vice-chairperson? You even clap and even cry when she has lost. I want to congratulate the 15 MPs who voted for me [..]. They (those that abandoned me) will now know you can’t ally with the NRM or you ally with it at your own risk,” Ssemujju added.

Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda is the Spokesperson of FDC.


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