‘Opposition Politicians Have Hired Mercenaries To Kill Me’-TV Star Gashumba Cries Out

‘Opposition Politicians Have Hired Mercenaries To Kill Me’-TV Star Gashumba Cries Out

By Ivan Mwine

Popular NBS TV star Sheilah Gashumba, who is daughter of political activist Frank Gashumba, has claimed there are some opposition politicians who hired hit-men to trail her, with intent to finish her off.

Although it is not yet clear how she reached the conclusion that it is opposition politicians who hired the said people who are trailing her, Gashumba contends that these people have been following her for some days now.

Sheilah Gashumba’s tweet about masked men following her

Gashumba made this shocking revelation on social media during the weekend when she tweeted thus;

“The opposition has decided to hire people to follow my car!  I’m not into politics, all I do is to work hard and enjoy life! Paying people with masks and helmets to follow my car after my gigs is uncalled for. If you are about a ‘better Uganda’ then why are you trying to get me killed….”

However, although Gashumba didn’t go into details about the men trailing her or where they were following her from, it is not yet clear whether she has since reported the matter to police, because  her fears seem dead  serious.

Meanwhile, despite the gravity of Gashumba’s allegations, opposition politicians in Uganda are yet to come out and issue a statement about her utterances.


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