Oulanyah’s Dirty Secrets Exposed: How He Enjoyed MP Santa Okot & Married Her Daughter Lady Winnie

Oulanyah’s Dirty Secrets Exposed: How He Enjoyed MP Santa Okot & Married Her Daughter Lady Winnie

By Ivan Mwine

Fallen Speaker Jacob Lokori Oulanyah, who died on Sunday March 20th, 2022, is being praised as a distinguished statesman by very many people.

However, investigations done by our Moles within the corridors of parliament indicate that he is a man who had several skeletons  hidden in his closet, which we are to unveil today.

Jacob Oulanyah with Lady Winnie and her daughters, standing; Oulanyah’s kids from his deceased wife

For starters, on Thursday afternoon, Arruu County North Member of Parliament Santa Okot, who is  the mother of Oulanyah’s ex-wife Lady Winnie Amoo Okot Oulanyah, held a press conference in Kampala, during which she spilled some of his long-hidden secrets.

During the said press conference, Okot told journalists that Oulanyah neglected looking after the kids he sired with her daughter (Lady Winnie) and that all along she has been raising them alone.   

MP Santa Okot speaking to the press

Here below is MP Okot’s testimony in part;

 “…Oulanyah got married to my daughter in 2013 and two years later they divorced. It was the late Jacob Oulanyah who took the matter to court.

He told us, the members of the family that he is incompatible with my daughter. So we told him that if you say so, then  it’s okay. He took the matter to court himself. We were not there but we hired a lawyer who was there all the time until court ruled that they divorce. The court actually ruled that he should give assistance to those two children with my daughter.

Oulanyah with one of his kids

I want to  inform you  the press, I know when someone dies, people speak only good things about him. They don’t want to speak the bad part. He did not assist those two children. The children are with my daughter in the US. We are the ones caring for the children without any complaint.

We did not ask at that time the sharing of any property. I told my daughter not to. To leave everything as it is. All the clothes of my daughter remained in his house, because the last day before she left for the U.S, I told my daughter to go for her clothes.

When she reached the home, the gateman told her that he had instructions not to allow her pick anything from  the house. So she left and came back, we went and shopped for her two clothes, she came picked the kids and went back to the U.S, where she is up to now.

Mourners at Oulanyah’s mansion in Muyenga, Kampala

She is aware of the death of Hon. Jacob Oulanyah. But as you know she is still a young girl, so, last year in June, she got married to another man. So she is married to another man now after they fully divorced from Hon. Jacob Oulanyah.

But the children will always remain those of Oulanyah and we request that she sends the children even when she is not coming. If she does not come and says the children can come, I can go and pick them. The children have a right to know that their father died, because even if they live with another man, of course they know their father was Hon. Jacob Oulanyah and they know  that their father lives in Uganda.

Lady Winnie with her new husband Derek Allison and Oulanyah’s daughters

So they better come and see that he is dead and buried and then we take the children back to where they have been growing. So that’s briefly what I wanted to tell you, so that you don’t ask me where my daughter is and and why. At the moment I don’t know whether there is another woman in the house, that is not my issue. The issue is that I and my clan will come for the burial according to the tradition…”

How Oulanyah Enjoyed Mother And Later Married Her Daughter

Bringing you up to speed, although Okot spoke about Oulanyah and her daughter Lady Winnie’s collapsed marriage plus his refusal to extend child support to her, Moles reveal that there are a lot of secrets she left out.

For instance, details unearthed by our Moles indicate that  before Oulanyah hooked up and married Lady Winnie, he was deeply involved with her mother, Santa Okot.

A story is told of how Oulanyah and Okot were too close for comfort during the time she was the Pader Woman MP in the seventh Parliament, although  later they parted ways after he fell for the daughter.

The children Oulanyah left behind

It is said the two enjoyed many a cozy rendezvous at the time Lady Winnie was studying a broad.

Moles reveal that Okot was not happy with Oulanyah’s getting involved with her daughter but couldn’t tell her openly about her secret relationship with Oulanya at the time she was at school.

However, Moles intimate that Lady Winnie was able to  learn about their fling several years later from her other relatives who by the time of their marriage had kept quiet about the matter since it looked to be very sensitive.

Lady Winnie with Oulanyah’s daughters back in the day

But by then she couldn’t do anything about it since she was already married to him and had even produced children for Oulanyah so it was then she decided to exile herself in America.

Lady Winnie’s estrangement to America compelled Oulanyah to spend a lot of money running two homes, one in Kampala and another in San Diego, California, USA.

However, after some time, he decided to end their marriage so he filed for divorce in 2016 and told court that the reason why he wanted divorce was that Lady Winnie had subjected him to severe sexual starvation after she abandoned their marital home and relocated to America.

Daily Monitor Cartoonist Chris Ogon’s illustration of Oulanyah begging wife for sex

Lady Winnie’s Shocking Confession

Whereas Oulanyah told court that Lady Winnie had subjected him to sexual starvation,  she told court that it was instead him to  had denied her conjugal rights, because he was too attached to his deceased wife Dorothy Nangwale Oulanyah, who passed away in 2009.

In her affidavit, Lady Winnie told court Oulanyah was too attached to his deceased wife that he still kept her clothes, jewelry and other personal effects in their bedroom, something she couldn’t stomach.

As if that is not enough, a leaked WhatsApp chat between Lady Winnie  indicates that the reason why she exiled herself in America was because Oulanyah was cheating  on her with a needy girl he was supporting who was living at their home.

Lady Winnie alleged then that he used to bonk the girl identified as Abwola Doreen from their bedroom, something she felt was so disrespectful.

Here below is the leaked WhatsApp chat:


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