Oulanyah’s Ex-wife Lady Winnie Plans To Sneak Kids Into Country For ‘Private Burial’

Oulanyah’s Ex-wife Lady Winnie Plans To Sneak Kids Into Country For ‘Private Burial’

By Ivan Mwine


Fallen Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s former wife Lady Winnie Amoo Okot plans to sneak his two daughters into the country such that they privately bury their deceased father.

Oulanyah, who passed away in on March 20th, was buried on April 9th, 2022, in the absence of his two daughters, who live in America with their mother.


It should be noted that the late Oulanyah divorced Lady Winnie in 2016 and following their divorce, she hooked another man identified as Derek Alison with whom she got married and they have since gotten a firstborn, a son.

However, following the death of  Oulanyah, Lady Winnie, who had a very bitter past with her former hubby, could travel from America to Uganda to attend the  burial, due to visa constraints and travel restrictions due to challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Happy family: Alison with wife Lady Winnie Amoo and their kids

The Moles also  reveal that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lady Winnie wouldn’t travel around the world with her  newborn son, yet she couldn’t leave him in America with his father.

It for that reason, according to Moles, that Lady Winnie  decided that her and the daughters would skip Oulanyah’s burial, but with plans of traveling to Uganda later this year such that they can pour soil on their late father’s grave, which is another way of burial according to African culture, especially  for someone who  couldn’t attend the deceased’s  burial for genuine reasons.

However, it is not yet clear whether she will be travelling to Uganda with her new hubby Alison when the time comes but we shall update you.

Group photo for some of late Oulanyah’s orphans; the little girls are Lady Winnie daughters

Meanwhile, Moles also that Alison has since proved to be the father that Oulanyah’s daughters missed, whereby he takes off time his busy schedule to play, laugh, joke and do everything a loving father does for his daughters.

In essence, Moles intimate that it seems his intention is to make them not to miss the father figure they always missed in Oulanyah, whom they often saw very little of, since he had many matters of national importance he had to attend to, being the Speaker of parliament, a lawyer of Member of Parliament for Omoro District.


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