Oulanyah’s Widow Lady Amoo Okot Demands Public Viewing Of Late Speaker’s  Body

Oulanyah’s Widow Lady Amoo Okot Demands Public Viewing Of Late Speaker’s Body

By Ivan Mwine

The widow of late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, Lady Winnie Amoo Okot, who has two daughters with  the deceased, has demanded that the government should allow the public to view his body.

Okot, who divorced with Oulanyah and is currently based in America, where she got married to a Mzungu man identified as Derek Allison, wonder why the government decided to seal Oulanyah’s coffin, instead of making it class, such that his beloved an have an opportunity to see him for the last time.

Lady Winnie Okot’s post on Facebook

According to information from the corridors of parliament, Speaker Anita Among is the only government official who has so far had a chance to look at Oulanyah’s body.

However, Okot has since lambasted Speaker Among for allegedly colluding with some officials within the Deep State to hide Oulanyah’s body from being seen by his beloved family members, friends, relatives, Members of Parliament and the entire public.   

Okot contends that Among has no authority to view Oulanyah’s body on behalf of all Ugandans, as was the case when she ruled in the plenary sitting on Tuesday April 5th, 2022, during a special sitting in honor of the fallen Speaker.

“No one has seen him since he ‘so called’ landed. Why delegate to view, everyone is supposed to view for themselves and why were close family members not allowed to go to Seattle to check on the sick person especially dad?” Okot asked in a post on social media.

However, it is not Okot alone who is complaining about the same matter.

We have established that several people  from Acholi sub-region are faulting the government for flouting many of their cultural rites and burial ceremonies, among them being denying them an opportunity to view the body of  the deceased and perform some rituals on the same.

“We demand for our cultural heritage and rites to be respected. This nonsense of Anita Among saying she has viewed on behalf of the members should end at the gates of the Parliamentary building”… These are the few raging demands from Ugandans for the body of Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah to be viewed publicly so people pay their last respects’ one of Okot’s followers wrote on social media in reply to her post.

Oulanyah, 56, died in the United States due to multiple organ failure triggered by lymphoma cancer-related complications, according to the Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng.

Dr. Aceng, who was speaking during the parliamentary special sitting in honor of the late Speaker on Tuesday, refuted the March 20 claim by Oulanyah’s father, Mr. Nathan Okori, that his son had informed him that a woman from Acholi was used to poison him in tea.

Aeng, who said what she was revealing were details of the autopsy, told Parliament that Oulanyah suffered multiple organ failures due to progressive, recurrent, diffuse large B cell non-Hopkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer of the lymphatic system.


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