Pallaso, Chozen Blood Beefing Over Sexy Video Vixen Brinah

Pallaso, Chozen Blood Beefing Over Sexy Video Vixen Brinah

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan musicians Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and Chozen Blood, real name Patrick Musasizi are reportedly beefing bitterly over a sex-oozing video vixen only identified as Brinah Slim Bae.

Apaprently, Brinah is the hottest vixen on the block currently, whom almost every male musician wants to feature in his video and she has already featured in some.
Chozen Blood with Brinah Slim Bar before Pallaso took her

Moles reveal that for the past few weeks Chozen has been tight-marking Brinah after he featured her in his ‘Emberazo’ video.

It is said however that trouble started when Pallaso, on seeing her in Chozen’s video, decided to feature her in his new video titled ‘Gwe Abilina’.

Pallaso with Brinah in his new video ‘Gwe Abilina’

Moles reveal that initially Chozen didn’t want Brinah to feature in Pallaso’s video, arguing that it would affect his video   but Pallaso didn’t want to hear any of that gibberish.    

According to Moles, after a lengthy tug of war over Brinah, Pallaso managed to walk away with  her after paying her manager a very irresistible sum, although the move didn’t amuse Chozen, whom pals says is nowadays going around spitting venom.

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