Pallaso,  Lutalo Having Sleepless Nights Over London Concert

Pallaso, Lutalo Having Sleepless Nights Over London Concert

By Ivan Mwine

whereas several musicians in Uganda are languishing with brokenness because of the COVID-19 lockdown that rendered them idle since bars were closed and music concerts banned,  Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and David Lutalo are warming up to perform at a mega concert in London.

We hear ever since Pallaso and Lutalo heard that they will be performing at the concert dubbed ‘Ekintabuli Kyomuziki 2021’, the two are no longer having peaceful nights as they anxiously await the day of the concert, which is 18th September, 2021.

Our sources close to Pallaso and Lutalo reveal that they are franctically  doing preparations for the concert such that they don’t leave any stone unturned, because this will be a mega boost for their music careers.

Gorgeous Winnie Nwagi will also headline the concert

As a result, they are making sure that all their travel documents are cleared and ready by the time they decide to fly out of the country to go for the concert.

But besides Lutalo and Pallaso, the ‘Ekintabuli Kyomuziki 2021’ concert, which will be held at the Royal Regency Hotel in London, will also be headlined by Ugandan bootylicious singer Winnie Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi, who is signed to the Muyenga based Swangz Avenue music label.

We have heard that thousands of  Ugandans  who had missed music concerts during the COVID-19 lockdown in the United Kingdom are also warming up  for the upcoming concert because the lockdown has since been lifted by the UK government.

Just watch this space for details!!

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