Parliament Demands Probe Into Mukebezi’s Shooting As Traffic Police Officers Get Guns

Parliament Demands Probe Into Mukebezi’s Shooting As Traffic Police Officers Get Guns

By Ivan Mwine

The deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among has directed the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the shooting Constable Robert Mukebezi, a traffic police officer who was shot by a Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF)  soldier last week.

Mukebezi, who has since had his leg amputated to save his life, was shot on Saturday after he tried to tow to Kira police a UPDF vehicle, a Land Cruiser registration number H4DF  1391, which had knocked down a signpost at a fuel station in Ntinda.
Commissioner of Parliament Solomon Silwanyi (L) visiting Robert Mukebezi at Mulago Hospital

However, along the way, the towing truck was intercepted by a UPDF pickup truck, which was carrying soldiers who ordered Mukebezi to hand over the vehicle and when he refused, one of  soldiers identified as Corporal Bashir Mango Babangida reportedly shot him in the leg.

After the shooting, Mukebezi, who was bleeding profusely, we dragged out of the truck and dumped on the ground by the soldiers before they ordered the truck driver to tow the vehicle to Mbuya barracks and since then neither the shooter nor the vehicle have been seen.

Mukebezi was later rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital for medical attention and he is currently bedridden, following the amputation of his leg.

Constable Robert Mukebezi before his leg was amputated

On Wednesday, Hon. Among instructed the Commissioner of Parliament Solomon Silwanyi to represent visit Mukebezi at Mulago Hospital on her behalf and on that of parliament.

“Hon. Solomon Silwanyi this morning delivered our message of encouragement to Police constable Robert Mukebezi who was shot while on duty on Sunday. We made a contribution to his treatment costs and assured his family that he will get justice,” Among said on twitter, Wednesday.

The UPDF vehicle that Mukebezi was trying to tow to police

She added that; “We ask that investigation into the matter be handled expeditiously and the culprits brought to book.  The leadership of Parliament and the relevant committees will follow the investigations closely.”

Meanwhile, we can ably reveal that following Mukebezi’s shooting,  the police leadership has since resolve to arm all traffic police officers across the country, in a bid to ensure that such incidents  do not reoccur.

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