Parliament To Return From Two Weeks Break Tomorrow

Parliament To Return From Two Weeks Break Tomorrow

By Simon Abaho

Parliament returns tomorrow from a two weeks break after it had been closed by the Order of the Speaker Hon Jacob Oulanyah.

This happened a week after the new Lockdown Measure that had been set by H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Today the Spokes Person of Parliament Chris Obore Said parliament is to return tomorrow the 13th July 2021, due to many pending parliament business that needs the attention of the legislators.

These include swearing-in of the Members of Parliament (MP) who missed out on the swearing-in, motion for a resolution of parliament to amend the rules of procedure of parliament, and more as seen on the order paper.

Order Paper For Tomorrow

“Most of the MPS Had heir Covid19 tests, and those who are negative will not be allowed to access the parliamentary premises,” said Chris Obore

He also refuted the allegations where it’s said the parliament had closed due to a lot of infections at parliament, which he said it’s not true.

Before closure, the Deputy Speaker came to say that Parliament was going on a break to give space for fumigation of the parliament

“The Parliament of Uganda like the rest of the country has been affected by the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic with a positivity rate of 17.1%,” it said, adding that parliamentary buildings will be disinfected during this period.

In a separate statement in June Chris Obore, the parliament’s director of communication and public affairs refuted media reports which said as many as 200 lawmakers had tested positive.

He said parliament hosted three major functions in the recent past, and in line with health protocols, the Health Ministry collected samples of those who attended the events which besides legislators, included security personnel, journalists, and parliament staff.

“Out of that entire sample size, 40 people tested positive for the first event, 50 for the second, and 70 for the third. 14 MPs tested positive on the whole,” the statement read.

He added that the closure of parliament was a precautionary measure taken for the safety of everyone.

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