Parliament Tasks Auditor General To Conduct Forensic  Audit Into COVID-19 Funds

Parliament Tasks Auditor General To Conduct Forensic Audit Into COVID-19 Funds

By Simon Abaho

The Parliamentary Committee on Finance, Planning and Economic Development on Tuesday presented its report before Parliament recommending that the Auditor General carries out a forensic audit on the over Shs5 trillion that has been spent so far by government in the fight against COVID-19.

The report was tabled by the chairperson of the parliamentary task force on COVID-19, Abdu Katuntu, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bugweri county, in Bugweri District.

The MPs also urged the government to use all legal means of accessing the COVID-19 vaccines such that all Ugandans can be vaccinated.

Katuntu said Ugandans need to know whether taxpayers’ money was put to good use, hence the call for a forensic audit.

He noted that the government, through the Ministry of Health, should avail sufficient personal protective gear to all the health workers, prioritize the procurement of enough oxygen, recruit more essential workers, set up ambulance systems in addition to establishing more isolation units.

The report also noted that there was poor planning between the Ministry of Health and that of Finance in the procurement of the 282 pickups that will be used in the monitoring of fight against the pandemic.

Many legislators told us that the revelations in the report are valid, calling upon the government to urgently address the recommendations to avoid the looming third wave of the pandemic.

“The government should submit detailed accountability for Shs22.18 billion appropriated to facilitate the establishment of 20 isolation centres per district, indicating the location in each district where such facilities are established,” said Dickson Kateshumbwa, the MP for Sheema Municipality.

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