Part II: Sexiest & Single Slay Queens On Twitter

Part II: Sexiest & Single Slay Queens On Twitter


By Mable Nakibuuka

Team Exposed Uganda recently unleashed the first bunch of  the juiciest and freshest slay queens on the block, who are smearing Twitter, Instagram and social media platforms with their sexy pictures and messages thirst for love.

When unleashed the single, sexy tweeps, many of our readers bombarded the Exposed Uganda news desk, demanding and pleading that we should unleash some more.

“You guys aren’t serious! Are those the hottest single babes you could find on Twitter…man there is a whole lot more…” one of our readers retorted in a message.

Some of you our dear esteemed readers even begged to be linked up with these angelic creatures. However, since we are not a Dating website, but a Celebrity News platform, all we can assure you is that if you want these babes, be sure to find them on Twitter.


Well guys, since you asked for more of these goddesses who are single and almost dying of loneliness, who are we to deny you what God rightly created unto earth for manly comfort and satisfaction!

We are thus more than pleased to bring you Part II  of these sensational gifts that are yearning for love, yet the event of technology and social media is helping them to send out the message to lonely guys out there;


Goldie @ Hakorede
Rusro Quin
Anibar Royana @ Arinda Peggi
Michelle Kats
Tracy Ampeire
Catherine Nagawa


Samantha Aine

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