Partiers Defy Police COVID-19 Directives, Enjoy Merrymaking Without Fear Or Favour

Partiers Defy Police COVID-19 Directives, Enjoy Merrymaking Without Fear Or Favour

By Mable Nakibuuka

Several partiers in Kampala are enjoying life in total disregard of the Ministry of Health and police guidelines aimed at preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our Moles around town reveal that although government suspended the opening of bars and allowed restaurants to operate on a takeaway basis, there are several bars in Kampala that are open and eateries that allow people to sit in groups as they enjoying merrymaking, without fear or favour to anyone.
Revellers having fun at a city bar and restaurant in Kampala

These partiers are usually in total disregard of the Ministry of Health guidelines on social distancing since many of them are often either squeezing, caressing each other or canoodling and tickling themselves.

As if that is not enough, many of these partiers often go to the bar and restaurants without wearing masks, something that not only risks their lives but even those of their loved ones by exposing them to high chances of contracting  the virus.

It should be noted that the government closed bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts, saunas, gyms and other recreations centres in March this year, as one of the measures to prevent crowding, which breeds fertile ground for sporadic spread of the virus.

Many of the partiers do not have face masks

Although restaurants and hotels were later reopened by the government, bars, night clubs, video shacks, saunas, gyms and other recreational facilities still remain closed.

But this hasn’t stopped revelers from sneaking into bars to enjoy booze and or watch soccer matches, despite the police warning that they will arrest anyone found contravening the Presidential Directives on COVID-19.

Ham Chef Mitala and Mr. Carlos with a female pal having fun

Our Moles also reveal that when some partiers who do not indulge in merrymaking at city bars have since resorted to holding private parties behind the closed walls of their houses, while others go to secluded recreational facilities like at Kalangala or other Islands on Lake Victoria, where  they enjoy themselves unsparingly, without giving a damn whether COVID-19 exists or not.

Here are some of Uganda’s religious partiers who have defied COVID-19 lockdown to party without any hindrances;

Partiers enjoying merrymaking a city hangout
Many of the partiers smooch and caress without maintaining social distance
These ones decided to hold a private party

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