Partiers Enjoy Fun, Nyama Choma At Roast & Rhyme Fest

Partiers Enjoy Fun, Nyama Choma At Roast & Rhyme Fest

By Mable Nakibuuka


Hundreds of partiers  who attended this year’s Roast and Rhyme event ended up getting more than they had paid for, because of the fun, glamour and niceties that characterized the event.

Held at Murchison Falls National Park, where partiers could freely social distance and observe the Ministry of Health Standard Operating Procedures, this year’s festival was nothing like revelers had ever seen before.
This year’s festival was thronged by juicy

On top of enjoying sumptuous barbecues and  sipping on all tribes of drinks, the revelers  had the  best of their time and many of them left the event thanking the organisers, Swangz Avenue, for having pulled it off.

Winnie Nwagi stormed with her Gals Brigade as DJ Nimrod ensured he gets company

Aimed at promoting local tourism, the guests started their experience on Friday and on Saturday got an opportunity to enjoy game drives, before they settled down for delicious Nyama Choma, which they washed down with drinks to quench their thirst.

The weekend gateway was heavily booked by hundreds of  Ugandans although the organisers could only allow 170 people, which is within the allowed limits by government.

Some babes were yearning for company while others tight-marked dudes

However, even that number further reduced after one or two people were not allowed to board the tour bus because they registered high body temperatures at the departure point in Kampala.

Revelers enjoyed themselves to the fullest
The sharp ones coupled up while the slow ones swallowed saliva
While some wiggled their waists others kept watching
While others sipped on saliva, the loaded ones were emptying bottles
It was fun all throughout the weekend
There was an influx of babes at the fest

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