Pastor Jengo ‘Balloons’ Sexy Urban TV Presenter Lynette Xen

Pastor Jengo ‘Balloons’ Sexy Urban TV Presenter Lynette Xen

By Simon Abaho

Fresh gossip reaching our desk indicates that fallen pastor Augustine Yiga’s 24-year-old son Pastor Andrew Jengo, who proprietor of ABS Television and Revival Church Kawaala, recently planted a germinating seedling in Urban Television’s Hit Wish list Show host Lynnet Xen’s Garden of Eden.

Word about Pastor Jengo having reportedly ballooned Lynett has been going around for a few days until it was spread by social media personality Mat Tee, who claimed that Pastor Jengo will soon become a father.

Dazzling Lynette Xen

According to Mat Tee’s post on his official Facebook account, Pastor Jengo ballooned Lynette and the two will soon become parents, ushering the pastor into the shoes of his late father, who did a great job at procreation.

It is alleged that the TV presenter is currently three months preggars and eagerly waiting to give birth for the polite and handsome pastor. 

Pastor Jengo reportedly impregnates Urban TV Presenter Lynette Xen – Boom UG
Lynette, Urban Television Presenter

Jengo came to the limelight in October 2020 after the death of his father Pastor Yiga. Pastor Jengo received praises from the public after he proved that he was a hardworking young man who would fit in his father’s shoes without fail.

Lynette flaunts her sexy body in a bikini

Hopefully, Pastor Andrew Jengo shall soon speak out about the matter so that we can finally unveil more details about his secret passionate rendezvous with sexy Lynette but for now, just stay hooked on for updates.

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