Pastor Ssenyonga Roasted For Attacking Dead Rival Ps. Yiga

Pastor Ssenyonga Roasted For Attacking Dead Rival Ps. Yiga


By Nellie Nakitende

Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga, of Christian Life Centre Church, has been lambasted by several Ugandans, including clergy and witchdoctors, for talking ill against his fallen colleague pastor Augustine Yiga, of Christian Revival Church, Kawaala, who died early this week.

Pastor Yiga passed away on Monday at Nsambya Hospital, where he had been bedridden for some days.

However, shortly after his death, several people, including fellow pastors, came out to speak a lot of things about him, both bad and good.

Among them was Ssenyonga, his longtime adversary, who had no kind words for Yiga, and went ahead to spit venom about the  fallen pastor, telling all and sundry about how he was a not a real man of God and that he had died from HIV/AIDS.

However, observers and Christians of both pastors have told this website that the rivalry between pastors Yiga and Ssenyonga has been raging on for years and will continue even after Yiga’s death.

This is because there is an inherent rivalry amongst several prominent pastors in Uganda, which has been raging on for years, as they all battle for believers to fill their churches, hence more tithe.

Our Moles reveal that Pastor Ssenyonga has for long attacked what he terms as ‘fake pastors’, who include; Prophet Samuel Kakande, Bro. Ronnie Makabai of Holy City, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries and the late Pastor Yiga Augustine of Revival Church. The above pastors have also retaliated by severally speaking out against him and his church in many of their summons, often denouncing him as an unrighteous man who claims to be  pastor whereas not.

In 2018, Pastor Ssenyonga dragged Yiga to court over allegations of defamation and fraudulent land grabbing,  performing fake miracles, trespassing, among other allegations, although  the case later hit a dead end.


Ps. Yiga Vs Other Pastors

But it is not only Ssenyonga who waged war against Yiga, because there are other pastors, among them Wilson Bugembe and the entire  National Fellowship for Born Again Pentecostal Churches, who were also not tandem with him.

For instance, the National Fellowship for Born Again Pentecostal Churches, headed by Bishop Joshua Lwere, also called on the government of Uganda to investigate several cultic and false people masquerading as pastors misleading, hoodwinking and robbing Ugandans, among them pastor Yiga.

This fellowship went ahead and denounce Pastors Yiga, Kakande and Bro.Ronnie as heretics.

But the pastors vowed to go ahead with their campaign, accusing Yiga of allegedly preaching the gospel of vengeance under claims of fighting witchcraft by returning it to where it came from, on top of spreading immortality through his television channel ABS TV.

We should also remember that the pastor (Senyonga) who accused Yiga of all these evils is no saint at all, since he had earlier on been detained by Oakland police for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl aboard a flight from Denver to Oakland.

After news about Yiga’s death spread like wildfire, Pastor Ssenyonga called a press conference at his Church and judged the fallen Pastor.

“It’s on record that Pastor Yiga had HIV. We have evidence from various health facilities and all the tests were done under the law,” Ssenyonga stated.

He explained that ‘God cannot forgive someone like Yiga who misled his followers, infected them and failed to take on his responsibilities as father while on earth.’

However, a lot of people weren’t happy about his remarks, especially celebrity Pastor Mondo Mugisha, who had this to say;

“Even a witch cannot say what he (Ssenyonga). He’s full of hate and respects no one. He doesn’t own heaven but God is looking at you. One day your body will be lifeless.”

Many Ugandans have condemned the act of pastors like Ssenyonga and others judging their fellow clergymen yet the Bible they always preach about doesn’t allow judging and teaches about forgiveness. Many have come out and questioned their faith and righteousness, saying they are no different from the deceased.


Jajja Mutuula Ku Ngo Roasts Ps. Ssenyonga

Among the people who have vehemently condemned pastor Ssenyonga is renowned traditional herbalist Jajja Mutuula Ku Ngo (the one who sits on a leopard).

Mutuula  Ku Ngo joined a  section of Ugandans , pastors, opinion leaders , Buganda’ s Katikiro C. P Mayiga and fellow  healers to blast aging pastor Ssenyonga for living below expectations.

On Tuesday, Ssenyonga stunningly branded Yiga a sinner who had involved himself in numerous abominable acts.

He said Yiga, who headed the Revival Christian Church, sexually assaulted many of his female followers thus infecting them with HIV/AIDS.

However angered Ugandans from all sections of life the chief witch Maama Fina inclusive landed on Ssenyonga and gave him a blast of his life.

They said he was literally dancing at the corpse of late pastor Yiga.

Speaking as he shed tears, Mutuula said he knows Ssenyonga’s bad records of being money-greedy, trickery, evil and other weaknesses not to mention the  2008 alleged American girl plane-fondling scandal  and that he did not expect him to utter his nonsense at least until after his fellow pastor had been buried.

Mutuula hails from Bukomansimbi, just like Yiga, and they almost grew together and worked together before Yiga found Christ.

But they remained friends and kept in close contact to the extent that during Yiga’s last days in Nsambya hospital  he went to visit him.

While Mutuula, who is alleged to have left Kasasa S.S in Masaka after A .Level, to attend to family ancestral ceremony which had made him blind, got trained in the underworld, the younger Yiga was said to be carrying the village ghost and was allegedly making miracles at a tender age in Bukomansimbi.

In late 2000, Yiga came to live with Mutuula who had started up a shrine in Nakawa and his name was making rounds on the FM airwaves with the likes of late Ben Ggulu, Kabwakaganda, Nkokotegwamu buloolo, Majimooto and others, many of who are successful  Sangomas in South Africa nowadays.

Mutuula says that he was later to part ways with Yiga who was seemingly getting tired of serving under the traditional gods and claimed Jesus was above the gods so he enlisted under pastors like Simeon Kayiwa, Samuel Kakande , late pastor Ssozi before starting his own church.

However, Mutuula, who shed tears for his fallen old friend, said has not denounced his gods.

Mutuula’s attacks against Ssenyonga are in line with similar attacks from other country men who got enraged by Ssenyonga’s statements

A one Isabirye Lukalu, opined that it’s written in the Bible that only God enjoys the right to cast judgement upon someone and being a pastor, according to him, Ssenyonga should have been in a better position to understand this than anyone else.

“I wonder which Bible this  “Pastor righteous” reads if he cannot know that he lacks the authority to judge who is a sinner and a nonsinner, ” he remarked.

Betina Bettie asked the mortar-mouthed Sheep herder to find better things to do that exposing his uncontrolled hate for Yiga even in death.

It should be noted that the deceased and Ssenyonga have been at loggerheads for quite some long time, with the latter accusing the former of extortion, devil worship and faking miracles to fleece his followers.

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