Photo Bomb: Boobs, Bums & Booty Dominate  Floral And Cocktail Party

Photo Bomb: Boobs, Bums & Booty Dominate  Floral And Cocktail Party

By Ivan Mwine

Partying in Uganda has in the recent past taken a themed trend, whereby several social events are nowadays being referred as festivals.

Well, the most recent event to be included  on the Kampala social calendar happens to be an annual gig called the ‘Floral and Cocktail Party’ and this year’s edition was held over the weekend at the Jahaz Pier  in Munyonyo, on the shores of Lake Victoria.

As expected, the festival was flocked  by socialites  and other revellers who wanted to cool off stress as they sipped on cocktails and experienced exotic floral fashion styles.

Revellers who flocked the festival were treated to impressive acts from several disc spinners and emcees among them; DJ Zato, Haffy Powers, MC Kats, DJ Roja, Caroline Marcah, DJ Show Master Ranx, Top Boy MC, MC Jerome, MC Isaack, DJ Suuna Ben, DJ Jose 256, DJ Slick Stuart, DVJ Mercy Pro, Jokwiz Klean, DJ Henrie, Dj Naselow Da Don, DJ Nash, DJ Malik Dagy Nyce, Dj Geeman, Mosh Mulla, DJ Fikie, Shark MC, Unju Singida Boy among others.

However, our Moles who were at the event intimate that although it had initially been a festival to celebrate floral fashion, as the day progresses, the event turned into a booty galore of sorts.

This is because lovely babes of all shapes and sizes seized the opportunity by turning the festival into some kind of booty show, whereby the utilized every moment they got to parade their booty, boobies and bumpers.

We can assure that the way these babes did their thing is likely to have sparked off severe scrotal eruptions especially amongst the dudes who had gone solo, no wonder many of them were seen pocketing all day long while others salivated endlessly.

Anyways, if you never got chance to experience this booty galore live-live, well, allow us to serve you the mouth-watering  booty specially made in Uganda, for your optical nutrition.

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