Play Boy: From Singers Like Desire Luzinda To TV Stars Diana Nabatanzi, Zahara Totto-Tycoon Lwasa Has Chewed Them All

Play Boy: From Singers Like Desire Luzinda To TV Stars Diana Nabatanzi, Zahara Totto-Tycoon Lwasa Has Chewed Them All

By Mable Nakibuuka

City businessman Emmanuel Lwasa, who is the proprietor of Club Tavern in Masaka, and a string of businesses around town, is living the life of once popular American sexist Hugh Hefner, of the raunchy Play Boy fame.

According to people who know him, Lwasa is one man in Uganda who understood the sweetness of a Sumbie so much so that he will buy a woman any car she wants, give her any amount of money she asks for or do anything else she wants so long as he can flip the skirt!

Actually, over the years, Lwasa has put his God-given Wire to maximum use, whereby his Sumbie operations almost never cease and often times he finds himself at the centre of love scandals.

Of recent, he has been involved in a bitter spat with TV star Zahara Totto, whose Sumbie he reportedly feasted on a few months back before they fell out after developing irreconcilable bedroom woes.

However, before the saga with Totto cooled down, it emerged that Lwasa had also gotten deeply involved with another sexy TV star Diana Nabatanzi, who is also an actress.

Lwasa with wife Faith Kamateneti

Word has been going around for weeks now that Lwasa and Nabatanzi are too close for comfort, to the extent that  he is nowadays catering for some of her utility bills and even bought her a sleek ride, as a token of thanks for her friendship.

Moles actually intimate that Lwasa’s friendship with Nabatanzi not only raised a big uproar at BBS TV station where she works, but also amongst her peers.

According to Moles, matters worsened after Nabatanzi decided to dump her then  boyfriend, because Lwasa had vowed to provide whatever she needed in life.

Little did Nabatanzi know that she was sharing him with  a number of other babes, among them Totto, until  a bitter spat with him and her erupted a few days ago.

Lwasa with TV star Zahara Totto


Lwasa’s Sumbie Network

Whereas Nabantanzi and Tattu are clashing over Lwasa, the  man has in the past been linked to several other babes.

For starters, Lwasa is officially hooked to a babe identified as Faith Kamateneti, who is the known one among his numerous ‘wives’.

Actually, Kamateneti raised a lot of hell for songbird Desire Luzinda  a few years back  when she was indulging in cozy rendezvous with Lwasa.

During the time when Lwasa was deeply involved with Desire,  he literally spoilt her with all the niceties that money can buy, whereby he catered for her all her bills, gave her exclusive rights to drive any of his cars, on top giving her hefty weekly allowances.

But when his wife Kamateneti realised that Desire was serving her Kitone to Lwasa and that she could soon take him over as her own, a very bitter sex war erupted between them that ended up with Desire fleeing the country.

She is currently based in the United States of America, where she is raising her daughter Michelle Luzinda, whose father is also a subject of much controversy.

Sexy Diana Nabatanzi


Lwasa And Nabatanzi Split, He Hooks Malaika

We are told that Lwasa’s appetite for  sexy Nabatanzi started dwindling after she failed to give him a child, despite the millions of shillings he has spent on her over time.

He is said to have been renting her an apartment at Shs1.5m per month, bought her a Prado at Shs70m, on top of weekly allowances of between Ssh500k-1.5m for food, shopping, servicing the vehicle, etc.

Besides the car and monthly upkeep, pals say he also started  up for her a boutique in Kampala called Tanzi Fashions, on top of providing up keep for her tot, since she is a single mother, but she still failed to reward him with a baby at least.

Moles intimate that after realising that he was sowing where he could not harvest the fruits he wanted, Lwasa has since decided to move on with a new babe only identified as Malaika.

Accordingly, Malaika, who is a city socialite, is the one enjoying Lwasa’s Wire and she is the one in whom he is pumping his dime nowadays.


Tycoon Lwasa’s new catch Malaika

Juliana Denies Lwasa Her Sumbie

Meanwhile, after getting done with Desire,  Lwasa made an attempt at swimming in songbird Juliana Kanyomozi’s deep Waters but he was hugely disappointed after she turned down all his favours and even refused to perform at a gig he had organised  at his Club Tavern in Masaka.

According to Moles, Juliana assured Lwasa that she could not perform at his night club because it was way too below her level of venues where she performs at.

Later, Lwasa leaked on social media pictures of him aboard the same plane with Juliana and claimed to have been with her, but she came out to trash the allegations and made it clear to him that they were seated in different classes, although they were on the same plane.

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