Poison Scare Engulfs MUBS After Atubo, Posha’s Strange Deaths

Poison Scare Engulfs MUBS After Atubo, Posha’s Strange Deaths

By Ivan Mwine

The student and academic staff at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) are living in fear for their lives, following the strange death of lecturer and a student last week.

Barbra Amule Atubo, who was a lecturer and Posha, a student, both died under unclear circumstances after they developed strange abdominal pains and were rushed to different hospitals, only for  them to be pronounced dead shortly thereafter.


However, following their strange double death, Moles at MUBS  reveal that there is a huge cloud off fear and uncertainty hovering over the university.

Posha Lisa Ahereza, who was a MUBS student, died under unclear circumstances last Sunday

“A result of this poison scare, very many students and academic staff have resorted to treading cautiously by avoiding to eat at the institution, while others reject snacks given to them by friends,” a source who preferred anonymity intimated to our Moles.

Although the university authorities and police are yet to give conclusive reports about Posha and Atubo’s death, we are told people at the institution have decided not to leave anything to chance by ensuring that they first closely scrutinize any food, snack or drink before consuming.

The Moles reveal that this cautiousness has since been extended to hostels, especially Akamwesi where Posha, who was a student of Procurement and Supply Chain Management was resident.

The Moles reveal that most students no longer buy snacks from restaurants in and around Akamwesi for  fear  that they might  meet the same that Posha met.



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