Police Arrest 11th Suspect In Gen. Katumba Wamala Deadly Attack

Police Arrest 11th Suspect In Gen. Katumba Wamala Deadly Attack

By Ivan Mwine

The police have arrested another suspect connected to the attack of Works Minister Gen. Katumba Wamala early this month, which left his daughter Brenda Nantongo and driver Sgt. Haruna Kayondo dead.

The suspect, who has since been identified by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (IGP) Maj. Gen. Paul Lockech as Wampa Huzaifa Kanaabe, was arrested from Luwero District, where he had been hiding.

This now brings the number of suspects to 11, following the 5 who were paraded at the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court on Monday this week, where they were charged with murder, terrorism and attempted murder, plus two others who were arrested last month and the 4 who were killed during the operations.

The other suspects include; Muhammad Kagugube, Siriman Kisambira, Abudallah-Aziz Ramadhan Dunku, Kamada Walusimbi and Habib Ramadhan Marjan who have since been remanded to Kitalya government prison, plus Sheikhs; Yasin Nyanzi and Hussein Serubula who were also remanded last week.

Maj. Gen. Paul Lokech (L) right is Gen. Katumba Wamala with his late daughter Brenda Nantongo

A statement issued by Maj. Gen. Lokech about this new suspect reads in part thus;


During my last press briefing of 2.07.2021, we assured the country, that we are actively tracking down the remaining group of assailants, highly connected to the targeted attacks, which led to the double murder of Nantongo Brenda, Kayondo Haruna and the attempted murder of General Edward Katumba Wamala and his bodyguard, Sgt Khalid Kuboit on the 1/06/2021.

I wish to inform you, that we have also arrested WAMPA HUZAIFA alias Kanaabe, a 30-year-old, former member of BODABODA 2010, who was the second shooter being ridden by Walusimbi Kamada alias MUDINKA alias OGEMA.

He was tracked down and arrested on the 12.07.2021 from his hide-out in Kikomeko village, near Kalule Trading Centre, Nakatonya Parish, Nyimbwa Subcounty, in Luwero district.

An immediate thorough search was conducted at his known premises, and the motorcycle Bajaj Boxer, red in colour registration number UEO 375D, that was used during the attack was recovered. 

Other relevant exhibits recovered include the hood that he used to cover his head, an assortment of jackets, gloves, warm suits, and another motorcycle, Bajaj red in colour, registration number UDH 888V that was used in the surveillance of their targets.

I wish to add that during the interrogation of “Kanaabe,” he admitted to participating in a series of planned and highly sophisticated murders and aggravated robberies within the country, that led to the murder of 14 persons, the attempted murder of 3 people and 3 major aggravated robberies. 

These include; the Murder of Major Muhammad Kiguundu and his bodyguard Sgt. Stephen Mukasa in 2016; the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi, his bodyguard Cpl. Erau Kenneth and the driver Cpl. Godfrey Mambewa in 2017; the double murder of No.560 SPC Mubiru Hussein and No. 169 SPC Kalungi Moses, and the attempted murder of Hakiza Evarest at Ntake Bakery, Kalerwe;

The murder of Frank Anania, Bugembe Amim, Atukuru Jimmy and Abaho Frank at Nansana Cheap Hardware Stores, the murder of Okoth Button at City Supermarket, Mpererwe, and the most recent murder of Nantongo Brenda and Kayondo Haruna, and the attempted assassination of General Edward Katumba Wamala and his body guard Sgt Khalid Kuboit.

The aggravated robberies linked to the terror group are the Ntake Bakery in Kalerwe where they robbed Ugx 33m, in 2017; Nansana Cheap Stores where they allegedly robbed Ugx 300m, City Supermarket at Mpererwe where they robbed Ugx 2.2m and an additional 4.5m from a mobile money attendant.

Our focus now shifts to tracking down the overall coordinator of the domestic terror cells, a one SHEIKH ABU UBAIDA BADIR DIIN BUKENYA.

He has been actively recruiting assailants and reactivating the terror cells.  We have widely shared his photos and put out a reward of Ugx 5m, for any one with credible information that can lead to his arrest.

The public should know that we are dealing with a very deadly and militant group. 

In the counter terror operations that we conducted, most of the suspects were violent and confrontational, to the raids made on their hide-outs and during the recovery of the killer weapons, i.e. the two AK47 guns and a pistol and other relevant exhibits, from Nansana, Katooke, Matugga, Maganjo, Namuwongo and Kalule-Bombo.  Two of our officers who were seriously injured are still nursing wounds.

As you are all aware, such acts of attacks are aimed at destabilising the prevailing peace, safety and security in our country, by creating a sense of panic and fear among the public.

We want to thank the public for their overwhelming support.  For those who have criticized and demonised the police for our actions against the ruthless acts of violence by these terror groups, just know that you are encouraging them to repeat their brutal and unlawful acts.

Our counter-terror operations aimed at dismantling the terror cells continue.

We do fully support the resolute enforcement actions and commitment of the task team to their duties because countering threats of domestic terror and extremism, is much harder than what most people think.   However, our teams have showed that they have superior capacity.”

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