Police Arrest Another Suspect Linked To Terrorist Bomb Attack

Police Arrest Another Suspect Linked To Terrorist Bomb Attack

By Ivan Mwine

The Uganda police have in custody another man suspected to have been one of the masterminds behind the terrorist attacks that left one person dead and others injured after a bomb exploded on a bus that was heading to Bushenyi District.

The revelation was  made by the Police Public Liaison Officer AIGP Asan Kasingye, who revealed that the suspect, identified as Muwonge , had planted another bomb in Kireka, Wakiso District, but it was recovered and detonated by the Police Bomb Squad.


“Muwonge Yusuf, a suspected close associate of Matovu Muzafaru, of the bus terror incident, and who on Thursday a abandoned a bomb in Kireka Bira after hot pursuit by security operatives and Intel Team has finally been arrested.”

However, Kasingye didn’t divulge more details about where the suspect had been arrested from or where he is being detained.

The bus attack occurred on 25th, shortly after terrorists  had exploded another bomb at Digida Pork Joint in Komamboga, a city suburb, where at least one person died and seven injured.

Initially, police had said two people on the bus were killed but later said there had been one death, without explaining the revision. 

They made no mention of injuries, but the Red Cross, which sent ambulances, said at least one person was injured in the leg.

Earlier on extremist terrorist group Islamic State had claimed responsibility for that attack at Komamboga, although the police insisted it was an act of domestic terrorism.

The extremist group said in a statement that it detonated an explosive device at the eatery allegedly “frequented by elements and spies” with Uganda’s government.

Commenting about the incident, President Yoweri Museveni described the explosion as an apparent terrorist act.

Museveni said three people entered the eatery where pork is grilled and left a plastic bag with contents that later exploded. Police have not announced any arrests.

The British government had earlier on updated its travel guidance for Uganda, warning that  extremists “are very likely to try to carry out attacks.”

This however makes the number of suspects arrested by police to 49 people, following the arrest of 48 others who were netted in connection to both attacks.

“Following the tragic incident of terrorism that occurred on the 23.10.2021, in which an innocent member of the public, Nyinaneza Emily, lost her life and 4 others sustained critical injuries, the Security Agencies from the Joint Anti-terrorism Unit, the Joint Intelligence Components of CMI, CI and ISO, CID, conducted several intelligence led operations, that led to the arrest of 48 suspects, highly linked to the acts of terror in the country. Those involve single individuals, those operating in small cells that have been broken and others on various activities of terrorism,” Police Deputy Spokesperson Fred Enanga said last week.


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