Police Defends Shooting Of Suspects During Arrests

Police Defends Shooting Of Suspects During Arrests

By Simon Abaho

In July, at least two suspects involved in the attempted assassination of Gen Edward Katumba Wamala were shot dead by security.

Recently, another man suspected to have escaped from Pader where he and the group allegedly planned to detonate a bomb during the burial of Lt Gen Paul Lokech was killed in Kampala whereas on Tuesday, security revealed that a fourth would-be suicide bomber was shot but later succumbed to wounds.


On Thursday, Sheikh Abbas Kirevu was shot dead and according to police spokesperson, Fred Enanga he resisted arrest, leading to his shooting.

Several members of the public have since questioned the rationale behind the shooting of these suspects instead of arresting them and useful information is got out of them.

However, addressing journalists on Thursday, Police spokesperson said many of these suspects are shot at because they either resist arrest or attack security personnel.

“In the way, they have been radicalized they try to disarm officers. They are dangerous suspects and the operations are life-threatening situations. These people are not ordinary suspects but highly trained and radicalized that on arrest, they cannot accept to be taken but fight security,” Enanga said.

“It is not that our teams want to be careless about their lives. We follow them but those who try to escape or fight our teams are disabled and sometimes they succumb to injuries.”

The UPDF spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso said that whereas these suspects are supposed to accept to be arrested, many of them fight back and security personnel shoot at them.

People trying to fight back are those that are killed. When you see security, put your hands up but when you resist or do something to show you are dangerous, they will definitely shoot you. If you resist and fight back you will be shot,” Brig Byekwas said.


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