Police Identify Body That Private Guard Was Ferrying On Boda-boda

 Police Identify Body That Private Guard Was Ferrying On Boda-boda

By Ivan Mwine

The police in Kampala have finally identified the body that a private guard identified as Gideon Nabasa was found carrying on a motorcycle on Sunday.

According to ASP Luke Owoyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson, the deceased has since been identified as Amon Kagezi, a resident of Kijangi Village, in Hoima District.


ASP Owoyesigire said in a statement Tuesday morning that; “The Territorial Police in KMP North and Nansana Division, has identified the body that was stuffed in a sack and intercepted while being transported by Nabasa Gideon, a 31-year-old, Private Security Guard of Afrisafe guards, on March 13,2022 at 4:00am, as that of Kagezi Amon, a resident of Kijangi village in Hoima district.”

He added that; “The deceased had hired a motorcycle registration number, UFG 635P, on March 07, 2022, from Owakukikoru Denis, a businessman of Kijangi village.  He paid him 10,000/= for a self-drive to Buseruka town on private business. He however disappeared with the motorcycle and joined Nabasa Gideon and Twinamasiko Ivan at Katogo zone in Bwaise.”

However, it is not yet clear how Kagezi ended up with Nabasa and Twinamasiko dead, which is currently the focus of police investigations.

But Owoyesigire noted that it is unfortunate that the deceased was murdered at the home of the two suspects in Bwaise.

He revealed that investigations so far indicate that after murdering Kagezi, Nabasa removed the deceased’s clothing’s and stuffed the body in a sack.

But the suspect was intercepted by police patrol while transporting the body for dumping far away from his home.

The patrollers who arrested him grew suspicious on seeing him pushing the motorcycle loaded with baggage at 4:00Am.  They immediately arrested him after finding a dead body in the sack.

The police later conducted a search at Nabasa’s house which he was sharing with Twinamasiko in Katogo zone, Bwaise, where a mattress and bedsheets stained with suspected blood was recovered.

They also recovered clothes of the deceased, stained with blood, as well as other clothes.  The motive of the murder is not yet clear.

However, investigations to establish the motive are ongoing and the police are also interesting  themselves into how the stolen motorcycle, registration number UFG 635P, from Hoima found its way to Kampala.


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