Police Intensify COVID-19 Lockdown Operations, 2180 Suspects Arrested From Bars

Police Intensify COVID-19 Lockdown Operations, 2180 Suspects Arrested From Bars

By Ivan Mwine

The police have revealed that they are to intensify the enforcement of operations aimed at combating the spread of COVID-19 in the remaining 14 days of the lockdown.

This was revealed in a statement issued Tuesday by the Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga, who revealed that although there is a systematic decline in the number of infections cases, there are some Ugandans who have stubbornly refused to abide by the laws that were put in place to fight the pandemic.


Enanga, who said that 218o suspects were arrested during weekend operations, noted that as a result of these Ugandans, who include boda-Boda riders that are still carrying passengers, those with bars still open and people who pretend to be patients so as to walk past roadblocks, the police are to ruthlessly enforce the COVID-19 regulations and lockdown in the next two weeks.

He also revealed that the police will deploy medical personnel at all checkup points in the bid to weed out people who feign sickness so that they can be granted permission to go beyond restricted areas.

Some of the suspects who were arrested

Below is Enanga’s statement;


During the past week, the country registered a sharp decline in the number of average daily cases for coronavirus. 

Out of the tests conducted on 21,588 people in hotspot areas, on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th July, 2021 a total of 2108 new cases were registered, 3270 victims recovered from coronavirus, and only 81 deaths were registered.  As of 9th July, 2021, only 966 victims remain hospitalised across the country.

As you all remember, the country went into a lockdown 24 days back, when the available data showed the virus rapidly spreading across the country, with several hospitals (both public and private), being overwhelmed by the number of hospitalisations and fatalities.

Since the vaccination roll out program is not yet fully done due to shortage in the vaccine, this rapid drop in the number of hospitalisations and COVID-19 deaths was largely due to the lockdown measures.

What is even more encouraging is that even the worst hit areas of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso, all other cities, Municipalities and major towns have started seeing a big reduction in the rate of positive cases and fatalities. 

This implies that the ban on non-essential movements, gathering and activities and the widespread use of facial masks has helped control the deadly spread of COVID-19 nationwide.

Therefore, this time round, we should endeavour as a country to bring the infections down to zero to a point where the infection rates are suppressed so that we do not find ourselves in the third wave.

Our neighbours to the South in Tanzania are already facing the third wave, which is even more deadlier.

For the Joint Security Agencies, we are on track to continue enforcement of the lockdown, to help slow down the pace of the pandemic.

This is because acts of impatience and complacence are still prevalent within the public.

The bodabodas are steadily carrying passengers especially women, we are witnessing an increase in fake patients, excuses of going for vaccination and burials, use of fake stickers, opening of bars, etc.

As a result, we are also devising new tactics of additionally deploying medical teams at check points to counter fake patients, Inspectorate officers to supervise the removal of number plates from non-essential vehicles parked on streets, snap checkpoints etc.

Such reckless behaviours by the COVID offenders will simply increase or delay the presence of the deadly variants in the country.

The Director Operations has also issued a very stern warning to territorial commanders, who do meet the expectations of their job that administrative sanctions will be taken against them.

In the course of last week, a total of 2180 persons were arrested countrywide for flouting the lockdown and curfew provisions, 1280 were cautioned, 215 released on police bond, 73 cases pending, 612 persons were taken to court.

A total of 1130 motor vehicles were impounded, out of which 691 were issued with EPS tickets, 366 motorists were cautioned, 73 vehicles are parked/unclaimed, a total of 3348 motorcycles were impounded, out of which 2609 were issued with EPS tickets, 480 riders were cautioned and 259 motorcycles still  parked/unclaimed.

In these remaining 14 days, we urge all Ugandans and visitors to remain vigilant and law abiding.

The case load has remarkably reduced and we expect more improvements.  Together we can drive COVID out of Uganda.

It should be noted that Uganda has so far registered 2,129 COVID-19 death, out a total cumulative number 87, 756 cases and 61, 304 recoveries.


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