Police Investiagting An Incident Of Attempted Arson At Masanafu Police Station

Police Investiagting An Incident Of Attempted Arson At Masanafu Police Station

Police in Kampala are investigating an incident of attempted arson at the Masanafu police post which occurred on Tuesday evening.

According to a statement issued by Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, police officers who were manning the station for the night shift noticed a man approaching with a 2-litre water bottle containing an unknown substance. One of the officers asked the man what was in the bottle and why he was at the police station but reportedly responded by pouring the substance and setting a fire.

It is alleged that the man got burnt in the process and started running towards the officers, prompting one of them to shoot at him.


Owoyesigyire has identified the victim as Charles Bazil Kintu who later succumbed to the fire and bullet injuries despite rushing him to Mulago hospital for treatment.

“A team of investigation officers arrived at the scene and picked up the 2-litre bottle has been and exhibited it for analysis to ascertain the contents. The team also picked a matchbox he used to start the fire
Investigations into the matter have commenced to establish the attacker’s motive and whether he is part of the gang that has been attacking Police stations or not,” Owoyesigyire said in a statement.


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