Police Issues Fresh Warrant For LGBT Activists

Police Issues Fresh Warrant For LGBT Activists

By Our Reporter

Following the communication from the Office of the President to Uganda’s ambassadors to start repatriating  Ugandans stranded abroad due to COVID-19, the police have issued alerts to all its stations in Uganda to arrest Moses Kirunda, Boston Kabuye, Waggwa Joram Andrew and Kobusingye Sandra on sight, over cases of recruitment of minors into LGBT activities and engaging in unnatural sexual acts which they committed in Uganda before they fled the country.


Government security agencies revealed that gay activities have been on the increase in Kampala Metropolitan Areas courtesy of funding from LGBT activists abroad, who fund the LGBT communities through human rights lawyers, academicians, individual gays  and some nongovernmental organisations (NGOs).


The increasing rate of LGTB activities has become a concern to the government because several minors have been victims of unscrupulous members of the LGBT community. A case in point is Andrew Waggwa, who is wanted over two cases of allegedly abetting homosexuality and recruitment of minors in areas of Nkumba and Kajjansi in Wakiso district into gay activities.

“He used  to promise us money for school fees, connecting them to wealthy  sponsors, buying them household items among other things,” one of Waggwa’s victims a one  Peter Ssenfuka  told cops at  Kajjansi  Police Station.

It should be noted that prior to Ssenfuka’s case, another case against Waggwa had been filed at Central Police Station (CPS), Kampala, under reference number SD REF: 12/20/12/2019 over the same matter.

The complaint was a man identified as Mujabi Phillip, who accused Waggwa of allegedly recruiting his son into gay circles.

However, shortly after Mujabi filing his complaint, we have since learnt that another case was filed against  Waggwa at Kajjansi Police Station  by Dan Muliika, who accuses him of  introducing his son Ssenfuka Peter to sexual behavior that is against the dictates of nature, which is a criminal offence in Uganda, that is punished with death or life imprisonment.

Our sources reveal that the police are also considering opening up other charges including money laundering if he is arrested, because prior to his disappearance, Waggwa was also said to be involved in subversive activities with People Power movement in the country.



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