Police Launch Hunt For Pervert Who Sexually Assaulted Sheebah

Police Launch Hunt For Pervert Who Sexually Assaulted Sheebah

By Ivan Mwine

The Uganda police have launched a hunt for the man who is suspected to have sexually assaulted popular musician Sheebah Karungi aka Queen Sheebah.

The move comes after Sheebah formally filed a complaint of indecent assault with the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in Kibuli, on Tuesday evening.


It is said that on filing the complaint, Sheebah reportedly confirmed to the police that   the suspect is not renowned journalist Andrew Mwenda as some sections on social media were alleging.

Commenting about the matter, the police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga said that;

“The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has instituted inquiries into the alleged incident of indecent assault against, Sheeba Karungi, a popular music artist, after she formally made her complaint at CID headquarters today 17.05.2022.”

Singer Sheebah Karungi filed a case of Indecent assault at the Police

He added that; “During the interaction with the CID officers, Sheeba revealed the details and the individual who was involved and the related circumstances. In her complaint she clearly mentions the suspect and refutes the ongoing speculation in sections of the media that it was Andrew Mwenda.”

Enanga noted that in view of the above, a team of Detectives has commenced investigations on the matter to ensure justice for the victim.

However, he did not divulge details of the suspect, perhaps because according to police investigation procedure this is done avoid jeopardizing the investigations.

It should be noted that Sheebah last week shared a video on social media in which she was ranting about an old pervert who sexually assaulted her when she was sleeping her car after performing at the show.

Sheebah said she tried to resist the sexual assault but the Old Perverted man directed his armed bodyguards to ensure that she stays around and succumbs to the sexual assault.

Although she had initially not filed complaint, many people who sympathized with Sheebha called upon her to report the matter to police such that the case and be investigated and the Old Pervert brought to book such that other innocent Ugandans who might fall victim to his raging libido can be saved.

The onus to apprehend the shameless perverted old man who sexually assaulted Sheebah now is upon the police and only time will tell whether they will arrest, expose and see to it that the Sexpest is prosecuted or the case file will ‘disappear’ courtesy of the ‘Kawukuumi’ in the police ranks.


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