Police Seize NRM T-shirts, ‘Army’ Uniforms From Bobi Wine’s NUP Offices

Police Seize NRM T-shirts, ‘Army’ Uniforms From Bobi Wine’s NUP Offices


By Mable Nakibuuka


The Uganda Police have revealed that they recovered army attire from Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform (NUP) offices in Kamwokya, a city suburb, which they raided on Wednesday.

According to a joint statement by police spokesperson SP Patrick Onyango and deputy Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) spokesperson Lt. Col.  Deo Akiiki, security agencies raided Bobi Wine’s offices after receiving intelligence that some elements there were misusing army camouflage to intimidate unsuspecting Ugandans.

However, although the police later paraded several green attires which they said were army camouflage, among the items they seized from Bob Wine’s NUP offices were several yellow NRM berets and T-shirts, plus  People Power/NUP red berets, vests, T-shirts, among others.

Some of the People Power and NRM attire that police seized from Bobi Wine's NUP offices
Some of the People Power and NRM attire that police seized from Bobi Wine’s NUP offices

But Onyango and Akiiki left many Ugandans wondering why they skipped mentioning the yellow NRM berets and T-shirts that were purportedly seized  during the raid and how they had found themselves  in Bobi Wine’s NUP offices, which is a renowned opposition stronghold.

Bobi Wine alleged in a tweet that police stole Shs23M NUP money and nomination forms

Meanwhile, commenting about the police raid, Bobi Wine alleged that the police stole hundreds of nominations forms for NUP members, including his Presidential Nomination forms.

He also alleged that the Police stole Shs23m which had been raised by NUP members and supporters to help in funding their candidates’ campaigns.

Our team has just finished assessing what has been stolen in broad daylight. Been informed that most of our forms with signatures for nominations have been taken away! They have also taken 23M ugx part of which was meant to facilitate our MP candidates with nomination fees.”

Some of the alleged military attire and NRM berets that were seized from NUP offices

He added that; “I have also been informed that so many of our people who are selling NUP branding materials in town are being arrested with reckless abandon. Instead of weakening us comrades, let these actions strengthen us and increase our resolve.”

It should be noted that the police raid on Bob Wine’s NUP offices came at a time when it was a few hours before the Electoral Commission could start nominations for candidates who will contest in the 2021 general election for Member of Parliament and other positions.


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