Pr. Bugingo Under Fire For Attacking Bobi Wine Over Bullet Proof Car, Claiming NUP Leader Is A Gov’t Project

Pr. Bugingo Under Fire For Attacking Bobi Wine Over Bullet Proof Car, Claiming NUP Leader Is A Gov’t Project

By Mable Nakibuuka

City pastor Aloysius Bugingo has  become a target of verbal attacks from all corners of the country ever since he made negative comments about National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s bullet proof.

According to Bugingo,  Bobi Wine is in bed with the government but pretends to be on the opposition side to confuse Ugandans and lead many of them  their graves, yet for him he wears a bullet proof vest and now drives a bullet proof car.

Bugingo made the utterances while preaching at his church in Makerere-Kavule,  but his words have since attracted a barrage of verbal artillery especially from  Bobi Wine’s sympathisers.

Bugingo partly told his followers while preaching that; “Be very careful of these politicians. They just want to confuse lead us into their trap. Someone wears a bullet proof vest and now has a bullet proof car, now for you what struggle are you in? No one even knows your name. Who will even know when you get abducted? An armoured car is a weapon. Not everyone can afford a bullet proof car. No one can buy a bullet proof can without the government knowing. The government is aware about how this car left its point of manufacturing until it was cleared by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).”

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo (L) with First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

He added that; “What hurts me most is that there are people who have been killed by a lot diseases, others died at birth; but look at you, your parents have a lot of hope in you. You want one day to make your parents, family, clan, tribe or country proud. But you cannot if your brain in not active. To succeed in life you need to be alive and have a working brain. But it hurts so much that you will be abducted while jubilating about a  bullet proof car. Politicians are confusing us; during day time they say one thing and at night they say another.”

The pastor continued that; “Clearing a bullet proof vehicle is not a simple thing. How many people do you think have bullet proof cars in Uganda.  I only know about the President and Hon. Amama Mbabazi. Actually by the time Jesus Christ returns on earth there won’t be 10 people owning bullet proof cars in Uganda.”

However, his words did not settle well in the minds of several Bobi Wine supporters and here is what some of them said on social media;

Pastor Martin Ssempa; “What Bugingo is saying is laughable. The vehicle was brought to Uganda by a Kenyan Fauz Khalid. Pastor should not go around fooling people  because he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Bugingo’s problem is ignorance. Some time back he had some knowledge and would preach the gospel. It seems his new woman bewitched. He should go back to his wife’s home in Kitende and relax with her instead of going around talking nonsense and engaging in cheap politics.

Kenneth Lukwago said; “Even you Bugingo do people know that you are hiding your business interests in God? Other churches have schools and health  centres to offer services at subsized rates, what do you have?

Moses Walugembe said; “Listening to this crap makes one cry. So why do they want to impound it if gov’t has a hand in it? Besides, who told Bugingo that an armoured car is a weapon? Dude has a stupid villagish mentality . Armoured vehicles are for protection and it doesn’t require anyone’s permission, not even gov’t to buy it. It’s legal world over…”

Kabs Edgar; “His theory is…Do as I say, not as I do. He preaches against adultery yet has  a different woman, against armoured vehicles yet he cruises in Land Cruisers bought by his sheep. He thinks everyone is gullible.”

Egesa Ronald Leonard; “When I posted that Bugingo, Mbonye were projects of intelligence, people insulted me. The Bible says we shall see them by the fruits of their work. Do you see how he spins for intelligence?

Betty Anitah; “Never trust anyone who claims to be a pastor but engages in politics,”

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