Pr. Kiwewesi’s Ex-Wife Sasha Sets Tough Divorce Demands,  Wants Shs10m Monthly Upkeep

Pr. Kiwewesi’s Ex-Wife Sasha Sets Tough Divorce Demands, Wants Shs10m Monthly Upkeep

By Ivan Mwine

Believers at Pastor Isaac Kiwewesi’s Kasanga Miracle Centre will have to double or triple the amount of tithe they have been giving him, because his estranged wife Sasha Barbra Kiwewesi has set very tough demands  following the divorce case they are battling in court.

A few days ago, Exposed Uganda.comm broke the story of how Kiwewesi is involved in a bitter divorce suit with Sasha, who wants court to annul their marriage, after the couple developed marital woes that saw them separate beds a few years ago.

The latest from our sources at Kasanga Miracle Centre is that  in her affidavit filed before the Makindye Chief Magistrates Court Family Division, Sasha wants Kiwewesi to give her USD3,000 (about Shs10.8m) as monthly upkeep for child  healthcare, education, and other personal needs for their kids,  who she lives with in America.

Besides the monthly upkeep, Sasha, who was married to Kiwewesi for 15 years, also demands for 50% of their marital  wealth and properties,  reasoning that they acquired the same together, during the time they were married.

On top of sharing the properties and other wealth  owned under the Kiwewesi estate, Sasha also seven motor vehicles, seven plots of land, shares in several companies, savings on bank accounts and their matrimonial home in Kansanga.

After Kiwewesi giving Sasha all that she wants before she signs the divorce papers, she also wants court to grant her an order of joint custody of their children who are of tender age, who include; Joana Kyobe, 12, Isaac Kyobe, 11, and Jaydyn Kyobe, 7.

It should be noted that Kiwewesi and Sasha were officially wed at Rubaga Miracle Center Cathedral on June 30, 2007 under the provisions of the Marriage Act, at a ceremony that was witnessed by William Kalyesubula, Winnie Mirembe Agaba and Pastor David Makoko.

However, a few years down the road they developed irreconcilable differences especially after Kiwewesi’s name  surfaced in some sodomy scandals  some time back.

Following the scandalous accusations, Sasha estranged herself from their marital home in Kansanga and decided to settle in Texas, USA, with their children.

However, in his affidavit, Kiwewesi contends that while in Texas, Sasha abandoned her marital duties and resorted to wayward merrymaking, acts that are not expected of a married woman, let alone a pastor’s wife.

He claims that Sasha’s wild partying stints were circulated in various video clips on social media, which attracted attention within of  the local and international Pentecostal fraternity, thereby causing disrepute, embarrassment and disgrace to him.

But Sasha argues that such a  lifestyle was triggered in her by Kiwewesi, who abandoned  their matrimonial bed on several occasions without any excuse or reason, hence denying her the rightly deserved  conjugal rights.

Sasha, who seems to have been severely started by Kiwewesi, also states that he often indulged in other activities and businesses, thereby failing to provide her and the children love, care and affection, which she says    resulted into  psychological torture and immense suffering.

She states that Kiwewesi’s unbecoming behaviour prompted her and the children to relocate temporarily to the USA for their own safety, wellbeing, happiness and good health.

However,  Kiwewesi trashes all her allegations, Sasha left for the USA  to represent since she was seeking US citizenship for their eldest daughter, Joanna.

He  contends  that shortly after traveling to California, Sasha flew out to Texas without informing him and it is where she has been living  since then.

He thus accuses her of desertion and estrangement,  arguing that while living in Texas, she flew to Uganda on numerous occasions for holidays,  although she never at any material time visited their matrimonial, having last been there in 2018.

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