Precious Remmie Introduces Her “Cocktail” To Parents In Scientific Ceremony

Precious Remmie Introduces Her “Cocktail” To Parents In Scientific Ceremony

By Simon Abaho

Spark Television’s Live Wire presenter Precious Remmie has proved that she is not shaken easily by words after she went ahead to introduce her fiance Benedict Bindeeba Raymond to her parents at a traditional Kukyala ceremony that was held scientifically because of COVID-19 regulations.

Pictures flooding social media show the mother of one dressed in a gomesi ready to get married to her “Cocktail” in a glamorous ceremony.

The introduction comes just hours after claims by Blogger Don Zella that Bindeeba is a cheat who uses and dumps women.

The blogger shocked many when she posted three different videos in which Raymond was seen proposing to three different women.

Don Zella also claimed he also slept with her ( Don Zella ) in April 2021 and denied being in any relationship with anyone.

Precious Remmie introduces Raymond
Ray P introduces her Lover few days after Engagement.

According to sources, Remmy had been dating her baby daddy but dumped him and moved on with Raymond. It is said that the baby daddy was planning to propose to her but she asked him to postpone the proposal claiming that she was not ready to settle down.

During her Live Wire show, Remmy disclosed that she met Raymond while on a plane but according to blogger MC Richie and Jenkins, the media personality met her finance five months ago on a boat cruise in Turkey.

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