‘President Museveni Didn’t Sleep The Night MUK Caught Fire’-Prof. Nawangwe

‘President Museveni Didn’t Sleep The Night MUK Caught Fire’-Prof. Nawangwe


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe has revealed that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni didn’t sleep the whole night after receiving information that  the University had caught fire.

Makerere University Main Administration building famously known as the Ivory Tower, caught fire on Sunday and property worth hundreds of millions of shillings was destroyed.


However, according to Nawangwe, the incident caused Museveni a sleepless night because he kept calling him for updates about the fire at the University.

Nawangwe has revealed that President Museveni kept on calling him throughout the night to find out what was going on; that he thinks the fountain of honour did not even sleep. Yes, it was that shocking.

“I think The President didn’t sleep that night. He kept calling me to find out what was going on,” Prof Nawangwe said while appearing on NBS TV’s Morning Breeze on Tuesday morning.

It should be noted the Makerere University community and Ugandans at large will forever remember last weekend as the most trying moment during which they watched the troubling pictures of the iconic Ivory Tower at Makerere University go

up in flames twice in less than 24 hours. Fire fighters surely did not have a day off  following the twin fires that destroyed several offices.

The University’s professors, students old and current, politicians and the general public expressed their grief towards the catastrophe that befell one of Africa’s oldest and most

prestigious universities.

We have learnt that a fundraising drive has since been launched to solicit funds for rebuilding the tower, and Nawangwe says it will be rebuilt exactly the way it was because lucky enough; the original plans were not destroyed.

“We were expecting to be advised by engineers from Ministry of Works and Transport. If they say we raze it down, we will do and it will be rebuilt exactly the same way, at least the exterior. We have the original plans for the building,” Nawangwe explained.




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