President Museveni To Address Nation On Saturday About COVID-19 Lockdown

President Museveni To Address Nation On Saturday About COVID-19 Lockdown

By Ivan Mwine

Two weeks after President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni eased the COVID-19 lockdown, he is set to address the nation on Saturday, August 14th, 2021, about the government’s efforts to combat the pandemic.

The Presidential address, which will be broadcast live on all radio and TV stations, will be held at State House, Entebbe, according to sources at State House.

Although the sources didn’t reveal what exactly the Presidential address will entail, analysts contend that key among the issues he is expected to tackle shall include the reopening of schools and universities, lifting the ban on churches and mosques,  plus vaccination of Ugandans.

The President is also expected to update the country about the security situation in the country, plus Ministry of Health and the National Task Force’s efforts to combat COVID-19, and how far the research for the COVID-19 cure by Ugandan researchers has reached.

President Museveni  on July  31st announced the partial lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown after 42 days, which was instituted after the Ministry of Health had registered an increase in the number of infections and deaths.

Museveni said the decision was made by the National Task Force after considering a decrease in cases, positivity rates and hospital admissions.

Among other factors, the task force also considered the degree of adherence to safety, procedures by the population and the effects of a continuous lockdown on the economy and on residents.

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