President Museveni’s Commandos Given New Uniforms

President Museveni’s Commandos Given New Uniforms


By Our Reporter


President  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s bodyguards, who are also members of the elite force Special Forces Commandos (SFC), have  been given new uniforms as we head into the 2021 elections.

Our sources within Security circles reveal that although the Presidential Guards have initially been putting on the dotted and green camouflage, these days they put on the ‘desert-terrain’ army attire, which is similar to that of the U.S Marines.
Check out President Museveni’s bodyguard dressed on a new army uniform in the background

It should however be noted that   the said new uniform, which comes with a red beret, is currently a preserve of senior SFC officers and so far  some of the officers adorning it include those in the Presidential Security Ring.

This is the usual SFC Uniform

However, it is not yet clear why the new changes in uniform come about at this material moment in time, although we shall bring you details as they emerge.

Initially President Museveni’s bodyguard was putting on this uniform

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