Prima Kardashi  Back In Bed With Geosteady After Dumping Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie

 Prima Kardashi  Back In Bed With Geosteady After Dumping Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie

By Ivan Mwine

There is an old adage which says new brooms  sweep best but old brooms know all corners.

The adage has come to pass for  Ugandan socialite Prima Kardashi, who is singer George Williams Kigozi aka Geosteady’s once estranged baby mama.

Well, the latest from our Moles is that just a few weeks after dumping Galaxy FM dreadlocked presenter Mr. Henrie real name Henry Arinaitwe, Prima is back to romping with Geosteady.

Moles reveal that for the past few weeks, Prima and  Geosteady have been spotted marouding around various city hangouts like a couple that is deeply and passionately in love, often engaging in Public Display of Affection (PDA).

It is not  yet clear if they have since decided to reunite after several months apart but Moles are positive that there is passionate chemistry brewing between them.

Prima hooked up with Mr. Henrie last following a bitter split with Geosteady that revolved around offside romps on both sides.

Hindu Kay with Geosteady during their heydays

During their 6-year on-and-off relationship, the pair produced two beautiful girls, Sorayah and Solange Williams Kigozi.

But after parting ways, Prima settled with Mr. Henrie and the ‘Ndi wamululu’ singer started dating  a belle identified as Hindu Kay.

However,  she fell out with Mr. Henrie after she accused him of allegedly juggling her with other city babes and what broke the camel’s back in the relationship was when he reportedly said that she was not ‘sweet’ in bed.

Following their breakup, Prima deleted all Henrie’s photos from her Instagram and other social media platforms.

She has since replaced them with snaps of her and Geosteady enjoying romantic moments like nothing has ever happened between them.

What is however not clear is Hindu Kay’s fate, now that Prima is back into Geosteady’s  arms.

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