Prime Minister Nabbanja, Min. Kadaga Showcase Swaggerific Dance Strokes

Prime Minister Nabbanja, Min. Kadaga Showcase Swaggerific Dance Strokes

By Ivan Mwine

If you thought Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robbinah Nabbanja is all about work and responding to questions about the COVID-19 lockdown relief money then you’re mistaken.

Our Moles reveal that Nabbanja is a very good dancer and she proved it over the weekend after she beat her deputy Hon. Rebecca Kadaga at pulling Paka-Chini dance strokes.

Premier Robbinah Nabbanja shows her deputy Hon. Rebecca Kadaga her skills

The Moles reveal that it all happened at  a private party that was held over the weekend somewhere in town that was attended by only a few invited top government officials because of the COVID-19 regulations that limit the number of people that are supposed to attend parties.

This is how we do it; Nabbanja wows Kadaga with her Paka Chini dance strokes

While at the said party however, after sipping a few glasses of champagne and tasty wines, the guests were officially ushered onto the dancefloor and that was when Nabbanja decided to exhibit her rare dancing style.

The Moles intimate that at first Nabbanja was grooving alone but she was shortly joined by Kadaga and together they did the Paka Chinie dance until the Prime Minister showed her deputy that she is indeed a senior even on the dancefloor.

Here is some of the footage that our Moles managed to capture while Nabbanja was swinging her booty from side to side as she grooved;  

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