Princess Nkinzi, Gareth Onyango Royal Wedding Hangs In Balance

Princess Nkinzi, Gareth Onyango Royal Wedding Hangs In Balance

By Ivan Mwine

City marketer Gareth Onyango’s pending wedding with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s eldest daughter, Princess Victoria Nkinzi  is not likely to happen very soon, because of the raging COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Moles intimate that the wedding which was slated to take place last year has since been postponed, because of the new COVID-19 wave that is ravaging the country.

Princess Nkizi and Onyango got engaged in in 2019 and they were to hold a Kwanjula (introduction ceremony) that was to be followed by a royal wedding in 2020 but that wasn’t possible due to the strict COVID-19 measures that were put in place by government, which restricted public gatherings and African style weddings.

The engagement happened when the couple had travelled to Thailand to celebrate the Princess’ birthday.

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi in a group photo with Nabagereka Sylvia Nagginda, members of the royal family and Gareth Onyango

Following the postponement last year, many of Onyango’s pals got convinced that the royal wedding would be held this year but we are already in the second quarter without any signs for the same.

Besides the COVID-19 pandemic however, insiders at Mengo also reveal that the Kabaka’s health status is currently not at its best, something that makes it hard for his minders to interest him in a wedding, moreover for a subject like Onyango, who is neither a royal or noble in the kingdom.

The swanky partment that Onyango shares with Princess Nkinzi in Kigo

Pals are therefore sympathizing with Onyango, because he is continuously becoming a victim of circumstances, something that has left his wedding with the Princess hanging in balance.

Gareth Onyango and Princess Nkinzi with pals

It should be noted that ever since Onyango hooked up with Princess Nkizi after separating with his baby mama Nickita Bachu, he is enjoying a lot of privileges from the kingdom, including sharing a swanky apartment at Mirembe Villas in Kigo, off Entebbe Road, which was gifted to her by the Kabaka.

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