Producer Yesse Oman Threatens Vivian Tendo With Death After She Quits His Music Label For Jeff Kiwa’s TNS

Producer Yesse Oman Threatens Vivian Tendo With Death After She Quits His Music Label For Jeff Kiwa’s TNS

By Ivan Mwine

Popular music producer Joshua Kiberu, who is   famously known as Yesse Oman Rafiki is involved in a bitter split with singer Vivian Tendo and the beef between them is so bitter that he is sending  her death threats.

The beef between Oman Rafik and Tendo, according to Moles, started after the singer decided to quit his music label known as Route Entertainment, and before long word reached him that she is planning to join Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep (TNS).
WhatsApp chat between Vivia Tendo and Yesse Oman Rafik

Oman Rafik is so bitter with Tendo for quitting his music label that he is heard in a leaked phone call threatening her with death for what he allegedly refers to as ‘meddling around with his business and only source of survival, which is music.

In the said leaked phone call which Tendo has since shared on her Instagram account, Oman Rafik is also heard ridiculing Tendo’s mother, accusing her of influencing the singer’s music career while at the same messing up his music business.

He even reaches an extent of assuring Tendo that her mother will die and she will have no one else to turn to but him, so literally doesn’t give a damn about her mother whether she is dead or alive.

Tendo, who became famous for outing  songs like ‘Leero’, ‘Hajjati Wa Hajji’, ‘Maama’ and others, is very scared and is living in fear for her life because of Oman Rafik’s threats and she has since written a public statement alerting security agencies and all Ugandans that in case something happens to her and her family members, the investigators will know who to start with.

Vivian Tendo reportedly wants to join Jeff Kiwa’s TNS

Here below is the statement which she posted on Instagram;

“To all my fans, I’m really sorry but I finally run out of patience, I’ve tried so much to handle this matter as a mature person, I’ve been strong enough to stay on the bad side of the story and I understand you all want me to drop new music but with whatever is going on behind the curtains I can’t. I’m not looking for any sympathy but incase anything happens to me or any of my friends or any of my family at least you can know who to question! I’ve been threatened so many times and I wouldn’t want you to post my pics with “Missing person “ or “RIP” without knowing why!”

She added that; “It’s totally out of my control now because it literally costs my life so I hope you don’t judge me I’m only trying to protect myself or my life before things get totally worse! I’ve always dodged interviews for the respect and gratitude I have for my former management but unfortunately the respect can’t be returned NB: That’s my boss speaking.”

It should be noted that Oman Rafik, who is threatening Tendo, is not only a producer but also a song writer and singer who is also the brain behind ‘Kabulengane’, one of Bebe Cool’s biggest songs of all time.

He has over time worked with to artistes like Winnie Nwagi, Irene Ntale, Jose Chameleone, Kay Switch, Vanessa Mdee among others.

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