Prof. Bukenya’s Former Side-Dish Nvanungi  Introduces Lover At Secret ‘Kwanjula’ Ceremony

Prof. Bukenya’s Former Side-Dish Nvanungi Introduces Lover At Secret ‘Kwanjula’ Ceremony

By Ivan Mwine

City veteran journalist Princess Sheillah Nvanungi, who is former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya’s ex-darling, is officially taken.

This comes after our Moles reveal that Nvanungi over the weekend introduced her lover only identified as Kabode to her parents during a function that held at her parents’ home in Wakiso district.

The highly private introduction ceremony was attended by only a few close relatives and  friends  and no journalists were allowed.

Sheillah Nvanungi with Prof. Gilbert Bukenya at a public event some years back

We have since established that even Nvanungi’s fellow workmates at CBS radio were surprised on learning about her secret Kwanjula (Introduction ceremony) from the media, because she hadn’t invited them.

Actually, for matters best known to her, although most celebrities usually want their and introduction ceremonies publicized, Nvanungi decided to keep hers very private, reason why everything was done secretively.

Nvanungi shows off her engagement ring

It is not surprising that she has since decided to keep the identity  of her fiancé a top secret, although our Moles are working round the clock to unearth him.

It should be recalled that Nvanungi was some time back very close to Prof. Bukenya to the extent that Moles say she usually camped at his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel to treat him to private entertainment sessions.

Photos of a heavily pregnant Nvanungi leaked on social media although the man responsible remained a mystery

Actually, when Bukenya’s wife Dr. Margaret Bukenya filed for divorce in 2019, she accused him of among others, committing infidelity and alleged that one of the women he committed adultery with was Nvanungi.

Moles reveal that Nvanungi and Bukenya enjoyed their time together until singer Iryn Namubiru came into the picture and stole  the vibrant old Professor’s heart.

Iryn Namubiru fought hard to eject Nvanungi from Katomi Kingdom Resort and Bukenya’s life

It is said a bitter war ensued between Namubiru and Nvanungi over Bukenya’s attention but it ended with the latter exiting Katomi to create space for  the former and that was how Nvanungi was ejected from Bukenya’s life.

Indeed, since then, Nvanungi and Namubiru cannot see eye to eye or cross paths.

But is should be recalled that some time back pictures of a heavily pregnant Navungi leaked and circulated on social media, although it is not clear whether the man who ballooned her then in the one she introduced or this is a new one.

Watch this space for details!

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